South Korean President sad: in between the US and China on both sides of the thankless, opposition to Andouble 's

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South Korean President sad: in between the US and China on both sides of the thankless, opposition to Andouble 's

2017-12-21 00:28:59 300 ℃

China and South Korea are friendly to Japan. However, as the relations between the two countries show signs of warming, there is a countercurrent in South Korea.

in order to obtain the power of understanding, Wen zaiyin in extremely difficult circumstances to find consensus on the Anti Japanese experience once -- the Japanese side to pressure on the issue of history. This makes the Japanese nervous and is busy taking "Andouble or will not attend the opening ceremony of the February 2018 Pingchang Winter Olympics" as a threat.

Korean and Japanese contradictions are temporarily difficult to reconcile. South Korea's foreign minister Kang Jing and his visit to Japan in December 19th will talk about the "comfort women agreement" reached in 2015. South Korea's position is to refuse to recognize. While Japanese Foreign Minister Kawano Taro insists that the agreement is irreversible, there is no bargaining room to force South Korea to comply. Wen zaiyin early in the first conversation with Andouble made it clear that South Korean public opinion against the agreement, South Korea and Japan or in deeper contradiction predicament.

2017 in September, Wen zaiyin attended the general assembly of the United Nations in New York, in the United States and Japan and South Korea leaders working luncheon on Trump and Abe Shinzo said: the United States is South Korea's allies, but not in japan. It didn't give Andouble any face.

can make Koreans feel very humiliating, some Koreans in order to gain, but Andouble went to Japan to bow and scrape willing "dogs".

12 14, Wen zaiyin's visit to China at the same time, had to compete with him as president to visit Japan as tit for Tat Hong Joon pyo. As the largest opposition Liberal Party leader of South Korea, he was in the following of Andouble under the watchful eyes of the people bow 45 degrees, smiling and shaking hands. The detective always feels that his next move is to kiss. This is not only a form of flattery, and collusion. Accustomed to bow and scrape Andouble, the attitude with a winner to enjoy this bow. In the face of their compatriots at playyourself, Hong Joon Pyo also stubborn, claimed it was not a "humiliating diplomacy" and "worship diplomacy", just for a summit courtesy greetings". To be honest, as a campaign in the street can kneel and kowtow to politicians, Andouble humble, is not an accident.

Hong Joon Pyo as the representative of South Korea "Pro US faction", once as "Pu Jinhui successor", but when park become negative assets, Pu Jinhui will be fired. In defeat, he has to do with Wen zaiyin, requested the deployment of U.S. tactical nuclear weapons in South Korea, and strive to integrate the conservative forces, the re formation of political power. Such a standing "chameleon" is South Korea's shame.

Korea "Pro US faction" dare so flattering Andouble, mainly because some see opportunities that they have in may.

today, Wen zaiyin is no win. At the end of October 2017, in order to ease relations with China, South Korean foreign minister Kang Beijing and in Congress put forward "three principles: South Korea does not participate in the U.S. missile defense system, no additional deployment" Sade "system, not involved in the formation of" US South Korea military alliance". This has become the basis for the restoration of relations between China and South Korea.

however, the United States has to Wen zaiyin expressed dissatisfaction. The White House security adviser Mike masters in early November on the "three principles" to express their dissatisfaction, declared that "I don't think that South Korea would abandon the 3 aspects of sovereignty", severely beat Chong Wa Dae. Brooks, commander of the US armed forces and commander of the United States and South Korea, made a tough stance: in order to protect the security of the US troops and the Korean capital area, it is necessary to add additional protection, or equal to vote against the top 2 in the "three no guarantees". A researcher at the Asian Research Center of the traditional foundation, a conservative think-tank, said that the "three non guarantee" would make the Koreans submission to other countries.

see the US-ROK alliance cracks, the retreat in Yin, in hesitation, he refused to "three commitments" to write a joint statement, so there is no joint statement, the final joint press conference has become a bubble. This is the first time since Jin Yongsan's visit to China 23 years ago. The Korean side did not achieve the goal of abolishing the limits of the Korean limit, but was more embarrassed between China and the United States. Trump has no confidence in it, and South Korea is unable to get the understanding of the largest trading partner. This is Wen zaiyin indecisive when decision is needed consequences.

gave Korea an opportunity to "pro american Japanese faction". They are constantly looking for the weaknesses and loopholes of Wen Yin's team and waiting for an attack.

Korean media reported on December 18th, South Korean ambassador Lu Yingmin presented his credentials in December 5th, the 8 Chinese characters inscribed: "million fold will east, to create a better future", written in Korean "difficult period is over, the hope that the two countries together to open a bright future." "Million fold have" the story from "Xunzi" originally means the stool, no matter how much experience the river twists and turns, all Huidong to sea, meaning must act in accordance with objective law.

is South Korea, some people have an ulterior motive: the Ming Dynasty created the old king's pacification Renchen war, the book had "million fold will east, reconstruction of vassal state", is not only for Daming reinforcements, also vowed to generations when the Ming Dynasty's faithful.

history is history can not be tampered with, the Koreans are not necessary because once the Ming Dynasty vassal and feel inferior. The problem is now South Korea's "Pro US faction" is to this ancient, the moon "warm heart Tour" or "ice melting" and the combination of attack Lu Yingmin is self relegated to the princes, said loyalty to the emperor.