All of a sudden! The president of the United States and Secretary of state are officially breaking up

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All of a sudden! The president of the United States and Secretary of state are officially breaking up

2017-12-21 18:25:54 277 ℃

yesterday, Dong Yunshang, the Deputy Secretary of state of the United States Department of state in charge of East Asia and the Pacific, was nominated for "correction". Chang'an Avenue governor App discovered that this personnel change further opened the scar of the palace of the White House. It even marked the two major camps of President Trump and Secretary Tillerson, and they were going to break.

Tiller Sen's victory.

familiar with American political partners may be very clear, "Dong Yunshang" is actually a Chinese name, her real name is Susan Thornton. She studied Chinese in Taiwan, her daughter was born in Taiwan, and she was very fluent in Chinese and Russian.

official history display, Dong Yunshang has studied the foreign policy think-tank in Washington's research work, the Soviet Union and Contemporary Russian politics; in 1991 the State Council, the past 20 years focused on the former Soviet Union, and in charge of China, Taiwan, Korea, Mongolia, Chinese in regional affairs.

, the veteran foreign women, regarded as assistant secretary of state Tillerson. The US media has previously reported that Tillerson, who had little experience in diplomacy, proposed to "turn round" to Dong Yunshang shortly after taking office. But it was obstructed by "shadow president" and the chief strategist of the White House, ban Nong, because Dong Yunshang's position on China is not strong enough.

in August this year to accept the "American outlook" magazine interview, said "I want Dong Yunshang Bannon out of the State Council, the State Council appointed personnel directly intervene in practice, is undoubtedly the authority of Tillerson provocation.

and Tillerson Bannon out, Trump was also directly lead to "contagion", the president and the Secretary of state, the differences in the world have no secret.

let Tiller Sen. And there is another appointment: he wanted to appoint former diplomat Abram as his assistant, but was rejected by Trump and Abram Bannon, the reason is critical of Trump.

with "out", Dong Yunshang Bannon was "positive", Tiller's "camp" ushered in a rare victory.

doesn't see eye to eye with each other

. This year, the US political circles have heard many times that the Secretary of state Tillerson selected by President Trump is going to be laid off, especially after he questioned Trump's intelligence quotient.

7 the end of the month, the American media broke Tillerson insulted the president "idiot door". It is said that at that time, a White House official Tiller sundown national security team and the cabinet, Trump is an idiot, and want to quit this summer.

Tiller Sen then held a temporary press conference. He was asked if he called the president an idiot. He didn't respond positively, but called "do not want to deal with trivial matters". It was interpreted as indirectly recognizing the abuse of the president.

and Trump heard the report on the spot and called on Tiller to talk to the White House.

as a second, the U.S. government nominally, two people why dislike each other? Take some of the most direct examples.

Tiller Sen at the end of September Chinese visit, foreign minister Wang Yi held talks with him. After the meeting, Tillerson told the media that the United States was trying to explore the will of the North Korean dialogue through direct channels. But Trump delivered tweets on the second day (October 1st), satirize Tiller sen in vain, "we will do what we have to do", and "I told the great Secretary of state Tillerson, trying to negotiate with rockets people is a waste of time". The "full twist" of the president and Secretary of state of the United States has a lot to do with

. The "differences" of the two people are almost all over the diplomatic positions of the United States and all countries.

in the US Russian relations, Tillerson has been committed to promoting bilateral relations eased, but still difficult to resist the United States continue to pace sanctions against Russia and Qatar;

countries in the Middle East diplomatic event, Tillerson has been trying to persuade Saudi Arabia Qatar to relax sanctions, but their hard mediation for a long time, Trump turned publicly on twitter propaganda to support the Saudi Arabia

; also obvious differences between the two on the Iran nuclear agreement, Trump vowed to repeal the agreement.

in the Paris agreement, Tiller Sen did not convince Trump to end his brain changed his mind, the United States withdrew after Tillerson stressed that no change in their own opinion "". Will the

policy change to the DPRK?

"repeated position", "paradox", "wagging"...

has made a similar comment on Tillerson's recent inconsistency in North Korea.

on Saturday, Tillerson said in the UN Security Council that North Korea must "strive to get back to the negotiating table". Before conducting any dialogue, Pyongyang must "continue" nuclear test. At the same time, Tillerson also warned that "all the options are on the table." This is equal to the conditions for the negotiations with the DPRK again.

, just a few days before that, he claimed that the United States was "ready for unconditional dialogue". "Let's meet, even the weather." After the special session of

, when asked why the attitude changed, Tillerson told reporters that the US would not make any concessions to achieve dialogue, but as long as the North Koreans were willing to talk about it, the communication channels would remain unblocked. He said North Korea "knows where the door is, and if they want to talk, they know where to go." The two forms of

completely opposite