Because of Andouble's small moves, the Koreans can't sit down

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Because of Andouble's small moves, the Koreans can't sit down

2017-12-22 00:33:21 340 ℃

wrote, Xing Ying

as an international political "flow as" one of the Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in the world is always no shortage of topics, such as Trump's visit to Japan recently accompanied by playing golf when he fell in embarrassing situations, or together with short steps trotted journey comedy. But this time, the traffic to Andouble was a seat.

in September 2015, the United Nations Headquarters in New York with Russian President Putin talks, attended by slightly later, Andouble ran

local time on December 19th, visiting Japan, South Korean foreign minister Kang Beijing and met Andouble in Tokyo, and conveyed to the South Korean President Wen zaiyin hope that the latter can participate in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pingchang wishes. It should be a good opportunity to narrow the relations between the two countries, but found the sharp eyed Korean netizens reported seeing pictures, Abe's chair not only in style and Kang seat is different in height and significantly higher than a big slice of the Kang chair.

in December 19th, Andouble at the residence of the South Korean Ministry of foreign affairs minister Kang Jing and Andouble

(left) talks whether borrow the chair, deliberately show the identity level and even national level? This has caused no small doubt in South Korea. The

ID:wepolitics (WeChat) noted that it was not the first time that Korean public opinion was paying attention to Andouble's chair. So, what does Andouble have to arrange the seats for the guests? Zheng Zhi jun is coming to talk today.

, the South Korean official's short seat

is meeting with Kang Jing and Andouble a week ago. He met with the South Korean opposition party's free South Korean party's representative Hong Jun dipper in the prime minister's official residence. It looks like the chair of Hong quasi dipper is almost exactly the same as Conkin, a chair different from the Andouble chair and a much shorter chair. This has caused discontent in South Korea's political circles at that time.

delta 14 this month, Andouble met at the residence of Hong Joon Pyo (left)

however, the Hong Joon Pyo is very big heart. 18 in his face book responded that his visit will help strengthen the ROK and Japan three party alliance, "take a picture that is subject to the leftist forces, and questioned his fan the flames" "humiliating diplomacy" is groundless.

, of course, not everyone is like the "magnanimous" of Hong quasi dipper. According to South Korean media, when Ding Shijun, the president of the Republic of Korea, visited Japan in June this year, the Japanese side had originally arranged chairs in accordance with the "short cut" principle. But the staff of the Korean side can't bear it.

"(at that time) we found that if we were sitting on such a chair, we would become Abe overlooking the president. It will give us a sense that the Prime Minister of the Japanese government is higher than the president of the South Korean Congress, so we have to care about the chair. " The staff of the Ding Shijun room related to the South Korean media told the South Korean media.

Korean media quoted the staff said, "the opposition party members at the scene also raised the height of the chair is a national problem, we (Ding Shijun, room related staff) explicitly protest, told the Japanese side if this is the arrangement, Ding Yichang is unable to meet with Prime Minister Andouble."

, at last, under the strong protest of South Korea, Japan changed chairs. The president of the Korean parliament, Ding Shijun and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo, sat on the same height chair to complete the meeting.


so Andouble met Ding Shi Jun and Andouble, in order to sit the same chair, earlier launched a mediation ('family)!! how other people sit

again, the Japanese side arrangement is not intentionally for South Korean officials? Let's see how Andouble sits when he meets with other guests.

, Mr. Zheng Zhi jun, on the Japanese Prime Minister's official website, saw Andouble on the day before meeting with Korean foreign minister Kang Jinghe, when he met John Richardson, the US naval operations minister, at the prime minister's official residence, so that he was sitting on a shorter chair.

a Andouble and the chief of naval operations (left)

on the same day, in a meeting with the National Marine Policy Department officials, Andouble put away the marble pattern leather sofa of their own, and they sat in the same chair pink rubber. Yes, this pink chair is just a little chair mentioned in the previous article.

a Andouble and the Japanese Maritime Policy Department official

12 on Sept. 14, on the same day in a meeting with South Korean Joon Pyo Hong, Andouble met with visiting UN Secretary General Guterres, two people sitting in the same chair, leather sofa Andouble most often sit.

"Andouble and UN Secretary General Guterres

case may not be enough to take months. In November 28th, Andouble welcomed the Luxemburg Grand Duke Henry, who visited Japan, and the two chairs were the same. It was a flannelette sofa.

Delta Andouble and Archduke Luxemburg

11 17, and the national small and medium-sized retailers meeting people at the meeting, they sat on the same wooden chair.

and Andouble delta businessman

on the day before November 16th (small and medium sized enterprises