Who is the first to be destroyed in the United States? In Russia this words let Korea completely ignorant

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Who is the first to be destroyed in the United States? In Russia this words let Korea completely ignorant

2017-12-22 18:34:29 290 ℃

Author: Zhao Junfeng;

the development of the Korean Peninsula to such a dangerous extent, the United States can not shirk its responsibility. The United States is in the oven of its own strategic interests, at the expense of South Korea's security interests, leading to today's South Korea sitting on the crater, maybe next minute will be consumed by the angry magma.

previously, "Daily Telegraph" reported that the United States is considering a potential plan to combat North Korea's nuclear issue by combating North Korea's launching platform or Arsenal. In December 21st the Russian satellite news agency quoted the Russian Defense Ministry international treaty bureau director Yevgeniy burzynski admiral said, if the first strike, the destruction will be South korea. In view of the number of nuclear reactors in South Korea, there is a devastating disaster. Bbu Ren J Ki believes that South Korea a nuclear power plant is the key factor restricting the use of force, once the war started, the nuclear plant was destroyed, there will be catastrophic consequences no one can control.

another important constraint is the nuclear capability of DPRK itself. The "Mars -15" intercontinental ballistic missile launched by North Korea has a range of up to 13 thousand kilometers. Most of the targets in the US are in the strike area. The latest nuclear test in North Korea claimed that the hydrogen warhead has been successfully tested. If it is true, the warhead is 160 thousand tonnes of TNT equivalent, 10 times the power of the United States to the Japanese atomic bomb in the year. Such a devastating force will be a catastrophe in the event of a fall in the United States, which is the reason why the United States will not make up its mind.

despite the fact that the US decision to fight is slow, but the US is also assessing the actual threat of North Korea's nuclear missile in detail. The United States has drawn up Japan and South Korea to deploy a ballistic missile interceptor system and push forward its anti missile construction to a large extent to prevent attacks on the United States. In spite of the doubts about the actual capacity of the DPRK, the United States is not careless, but is conscientiously doing the worst. If the preparation of the United States is safe, it is hard to say whether Trump will take risks. After all, this is a president who doesn't play the same way. He has issued a threat to the DPRK several times at the most dangerous time. Both sides of the situation on the peninsula are highly tense. Each other's stimulus has made the situation tight, and a small accident may be possible for the tea gun to go away.

the most dangerous feeling is Korea. Once the outbreak of the war is the biggest victim of South Korea, so the threat of use of force against the United States, Wen zaiyin did not slavishly follow, but continue to show anti war attitude. South Korea knows the war on the peninsula, the United States, Japan will not have too much loss. Whoever wins and who wins, South Korea will be completely destroyed, and more than 60 years of construction will be destroyed. The capital of Korea is too close to the two sides. The DPRK laid out tens of thousands of artillery on the 38 side of the line, while the population in Seoul area reached about fifty million in 2014. Such a high population density, even if North Korea does not launch nuclear attacks, and long range artillery will be able to make the Korean capital into a sea of fire, causing casualties and damage can not be estimated.

Korean nuclear power plant is even more discoloration. For a long time in South Korea to develop nuclear power, China has about 30 nuclear reactors, if attacked, the accident that five or six quite Yucheernuobeili nuclear power plant will be staged, this will be a catastrophe for all mankind, then I'm afraid who can bear.

South Korean President Wen zaiyin has on various occasions expressed opposition to the use of force to China visit is an agreement with China recently. The common aspirations of war against South Korea is also great, in Wen zaiyin on stage, South Korea's five major party presidential candidates in a televised debate had agreed that "the United States must prevent preemptive action towards".

the US Army will cause great disaster. The first thing to do is Korea. It will be a danger to the US's strategic interests. It's not what Koreans are willing to bear. The most urgent task is to alleviate the situation. This is the consensus of all countries in the region. It is also an important factor that restricts the risk taking action of the United States. We hope that the situation on the peninsula will ease at an early stage.