This time, the United States has given the United States a slap!

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This time, the United States has given the United States a slap!

2017-12-23 00:38:51 293 ℃

the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on the status of Jerusalem. On the 21 day of the UN General Assembly,

voted overwhelmingly to adopt a resolution that decided that any decision or action that claimed to change the status of Jerusalem was invalid. The United Nations General Assembly of

passed the resolution on the day of 128 votes to 9, and 35 countries abstained. The resolution requires Israel and Palestine to decide the status of Jerusalem through negotiations.

UN General Assembly held an emergency meeting on 21 day to vote on the draft resolution on the status of Jerusalem.

180 "in the United States to send threatening letters", claiming to cut off aid

is so overbearing and capricious, the United States openly threatened to more than 180 members of the United nations. On 21 days in New York, the UN General Assembly convened an emergency meeting to vote on a bill against the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. US President Trump is threatening to cut off aid to the voting countries. The permanent representative of the United States Haley is issued a letter to representatives of more than 180 countries, stressed that it will "write down every vote for the name of the country".

Beijing time, 21 day and night, the United Nations General Assembly emergency meeting began. The representatives of the more than 30 countries spoke successively, and the vote would be carried out later. Said the Palestinian Foreign Minister Ma Liji spoke, the vote is not hostile to the United States, but in order to maintain regional peace and stability. Palestine will never give up the effort of independent founding. The permanent representative of the United States Haley warning, "the United States will remember this day, the vote will be the United States how to look at the United Nations, how to treat" who don't respect us in the United Nations "have an important impact. The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations said Bundanoon will not let Israel, any decision to leave Jerusalem. The end of Bundanoon after speaking with Haley together out of the hall. The

emergency session of the United Nations General Assembly was held by Turkey, Yemen and Venezuela. Submitted to the general assembly of the draft stressed that Jerusalem is solved through negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian issue, "any change in the status quo of decisions and actions in Jerusalem or the population situation will have no legal constraints, can not take effect and must return to the ante". The draft did not directly mention Trump's decision, but said it was "deeply sorry about the recent decision on the state of Jerusalem" and called on all countries not to establish Embassies in Jerusalem.

the day before, Trump was at a cabinet meeting with a threat to the country's decision against Jerusalem. He said, "some countries have taken hundreds of millions of dollars or even billions of dollars, but voted against us. Well, we will pay attention to those voting countries, let them vote against us, we will save a lot of money, we don't care". Trump also said that this time will be different from the previous, they voted against the United States before, we give them a large number of dollars, "we will not be taken up again."

Trump in his speech before posting on twitter, Haley warned: "there will be a vote tomorrow, criticism of our choice, the United States will write down the name of the country to support the resolution." "Washington Post" reported that Haley to more than 180 countries ambassador to the United Nations sent a letter, the letter said: "President Trump will be very careful to watch the vote, and asked me to report to him all voted against our country. We are going to stare at every ticket on this issue. " Although

is very strong, before the conference, public opinion generally believed that although it might frighten some countries, it is inevitable to defeat the whole international society openly. "The United States terrorize foreign diplomats," the Irish Independent newspaper said. "Hei Li's letter will not change the result of voting," though the "intimidation" may force some Member States to abstain from or attend the meeting, diplomatic sources said. Canada, Hungary and Czech may have yielded to the pressure of the United States, but the bill is doomed to pass.

, who led the bill to push the bill to Turkey, shouts the Trump administration. President El, El, in his television speech, called for the world, "never sell your democratic will for a little dollar." El said, "what do they call the United States?" The cradle of democracy. The cradle of democracy is now trying to find the world to buy the will to buy in dollars... Mr. Trump, you can't buy Turkey's democratic will in US dollars. Our decision is very clear... the world is going to give the United States a lesson today. "