Does Bashar have to step down? The opposition, daylight, come to the station, wake up

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Does Bashar have to step down? The opposition, daylight, come to the station, wake up

2017-12-24 00:27:40 249 ℃

Bashar Assad, known as the Middle East, he Kfir wunderkind, 34 year old Syria took over the presidency.

his first ten years in office were calm.

, however, in 2010, the "Arabia spring" swept across the Middle East, and the war spread rapidly in the Arabia world. The Middle East political strongmen of fell down like Domino.

2011 in March, the "Arabia spring" spread to Syria, a group of children's graffiti and arrested in Syria detonated a large demonstration, the rebels quickly assembled and launched the uprising to overthrow the Bashar regime .

at the same time, the western media began to define Bashar as "dictatorship", the US led Western camp is tough, the American Secretary of state Hilary more than once to declare to the world extremely elegant and valuable "Bashar Asadby to step down".

later, the intervention of the international community is increasing, Syria's opposition began to flourish, Syria has become a point that is burning in the Middle East gunpowder barrel , nationality, religion, politics, international forces around each other in this piece of land on the bucket, again to a climax to the war.

, however, after seven years of war, when the curtain falls gradually, the situation in Syria had to draw the red line of Obama has resigned, Hilary had announced that Bashar must step down have no chance in office, Bashar was still standing in the centre of the political stage in Syria.

now, is Bashar going to stay? This has become the biggest disagreement in the political process in Syria. Since the beginning of

2016, under the leadership of the UN, the representatives of the Syria government and the opposition have held many rounds of talks in Geneva, but they have been fruitless. The parties to the negotiators have a serious disagreement and even do not want to communicate face to face. The ultimate question in front of them is: is Bashar going to power?

, an expert in the Middle East of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said: "

Syria opposition" is still insisting that Bashar must step down. He thought Bashar could not participate in the reconstruction of the battle in the future. The Hezbollah of Iran, Russia and Lebanon saved the government of Syria from a very difficult situation. The government of Syria is more powerful than before. How could it be possible to step down first? Vice president of Fudan University

center in Central Asia Research Institute of International Studies Director Feng Yujun said: the fate of Russian

Bashar is determined by three factors: first, the balance of power on the battlefield, the Syria army under the support of Russia, has occupied a dominant position. Two, the United States and other western countries have recently abandoned Bashar's resignation as a prerequisite for the opening of the political process. Three, since the Bashar regime has got a foothold, why should he take the initiative to return to the background, end his historical mission and be cleaned by the opposition? It's all impossible. Although the opposition proposed to let Bashar step down, but Syria wants to stabilize in the future, Bashar must be a very important political force.

at the beginning of the civil war, the opposition wanted to subvert the Bashar regime, and after six or seven years, it was a question whether they would like to compromise. Just put in the face of opposition is a cruel fact, they not only lose the advantage in the domestic battlefield, behind in the Western powers but also the attitude of a mystery.

from the battlefield situation, Syria government troops controlled six to 70% of Syria land, including Damascus and Aleppo and some other main cities, but the area of the opposition armed forces control is not large, around Aleppo.

from the attitude of the extraterritorial powers, the Western led by the United States has been softening the attitude of "Bashar stepping down". In December

2015, Kerrey, then Secretary of State Secretary of state, said that he accepted the position that the Russian side had persisted and let the people of Syria decide Bashar's stay. During the US presidential election last year, Trump, a candidate, said that the Bashar administration is a better choice than some Syria rebels who are related to extreme thoughts. In March of this year, American Secretary of state Tillerson said that Bashar's stay should be decided by the people of Syria.

is more intriguing. The famous American magazine "New York passenger" website released 12 , the Trump administration accepted President Bashar Assad's message until 2021. changed the attitude of the US government in the past with Syria.

, then why did the ever strong us become more and more "Buddha" in the form of the Syria problem? Director of the Institute of American Studies China

Teng Jianqun Institute for international studies think:

12 18, the United States has just issued the "national security strategy report" which did not mention the issue of Syria, the United States on the issue of Syria's policy to it now is not very clear. In the Middle East, the United States pay more attention to the Iran, Iran in the Middle East and expanding, constitute a real threat to the United States in the Middle East region of interest. So the United States focus on the marking is not Syria, Syria is just a part of the entire Middle East strategy. Compared with the vague attitude of the United States,

has a clear position in Russia, and in order to maintain its own interests, the Paul Bashar regime.