God sync! The Security Council has just passed the sanctions resolution on the DPRK, and Russia deploys the big killer in the border area.

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God sync! The Security Council has just passed the sanctions resolution on the DPRK, and Russia deploys the big killer in the border area.

2017-12-24 09:25:43 340 ℃

the first military sparks of fire in fact, so long as the clamor to stop military and nuclear missile test, the resumption of the six party talks, the crisis will be smoothly done or easily solved. However, the two sides ignore the Sino Russian joint warning and appeal to the United Nations, put up a fight against the posture, the situation on the peninsula directly to the dangerous state of "war". The day before, in order to curb the war, the United Nations Security Council quickly adopted resolution 2397th, decided to impose tougher sanctions on North Korea, urged North Korea to "out of control" as soon as possible to return to the negotiating table. At the same time, Russia announced soon in the near north eastern coastal border area with a number of advanced S-400 air defense missile system. It has to be said that Russia's reaction is very quick, but it also means that the situation in the peninsula is indeed at the last moment and must be in the bud.

according to the eastern part of the Russian military press office announced that 22, the eastern part of the Russian military installed a number of new S-400 air defense missile system. The announcement said that in the coastal border area air defense missile regiment updated S300 air defense missile system before replacing a number of S-400 air defense missile system. The new air defense missile systems have been put into use and started fighting on duty to protect the air safety of the coastal border areas. Notice that, equipped with S-400 air defense missile group all officers and soldiers have been trained in the Russian national air defense training center, be able to use the system.

as everyone knows, S-400 air defense missile system called the world's most advanced air defense missiles, is Russia's current most advanced air defense missile system. Its maximum range is up to 400 kilometers, and the system has no advantage over the American "Patriot" PAC - 3 ground to air missile system in terms of precision and speed. More importantly, the system can intercept many large mobile targets including incoming fighters, cruise missiles and ballistic missiles, and it is a deterrent weapon with great deterrent. In the middle of this month, the Russian technical state group announced the delivery of the second S-400 air defense system to China in the middle of this month, and its strategic significance is self-evident.

, it is worth noting that Russia's eastern coastal border area is a population of less than 2 million of the region, the capital city of the area is known as vladivostok. The headquarters of the eastern Russian military region is set up in the Khabarovsk area adjacent to the coastal border area. In order to strengthen the sense of military presence here, Russia has carried out military exercises in the region many times. More importantly, the coastal frontier region is adjacent to the Heilongjiang province of China, the east of the sea of Japan, and the south to the north. Once the Korean Peninsula is unmeasured, the eastern Russian military region can respond quickly. The Russian Primorye facelift S-400 air defense missile system, fully illustrated the strategic intention of russia. The day before, the Security Council passed a resolution imposing sanctions on North korea. This has to worry about the current situation on the peninsula.

indeed, the peninsula is in the state of war and triggered at any moment, North Korea is in since the last century since 50s towards the end of war the most dangerous moment. As a neighbour of the DPRK, or as a world power, Russia has the responsibility and obligation to contain the war and maintain the peace and stability of the region. For a long time, the DPRK has withstood all kinds of pressure from the US, Japan and South Korea in order to achieve the established strategic goals, and has made amazing development achievements in the extremely difficult situation. On the 29 day of last month, North Korea tested an intercontinental missile, which was called to strike the United States, and triggered panic in the United States, Japan and Japan and the shock of the international community. The behavior of North Korea has already broken the strategic balance of Northeast Asia, seriously damaged the strategic safety of China and Russia, and forced the us to put the military options on the agenda. When the US was looking at the United States, China and Russia were in a timely manner, and after hard consultations with the United States, the United States was forced to submit a draft resolution to the Security Council.

at present, the UN Security Council has adopted harsh sanctions against North Korea, which will significantly reduce North Korea's oil imports, which may force North Korea to change its current tough stance. The Security Council resolution fully reflects the international community wants North Korea to stop nuclear missile test, a profound understanding of their own risk, hope the two sides to return to the negotiating table will. Perhaps this is the last opportunity for the peninsula to return to the dawn of peace. Facts have proved that the situation is very serious now, not only is the time left for North Korea, but there is not much time left for the surrounding military power. In addition, according to North Korea's previous performance, the Security Council's previous resolution did not have much effect on the DPRK's containment effect.

from the angle of strategic military, the eastern part of the Russian military outfit S-400 air defense missile system, but also to remind the United States Korea deterrent. Even if North Korea is not sober, then the United States will consider the chain reaction caused by the outbreak of war. If the United States launched a military strike against North Korea directly persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, then let the Russian Far East door open. And that's not what Russia wants to see because, in that case, Russia will be trapped in the two sides of the United States. Therefore, it is very necessary to take the necessary measures in time to contain the war.

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