The world has given us a slap in the face, and then what?

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The world has given us a slap in the face, and then what?

2017-12-25 00:27:15 292 ℃

UN General Assembly 21 to ignore the U.S. pressure "" warning, overwhelmingly passed a resolution that declared that any decision and action to change the status of Jerusalem "invalid".

analysts believe that this result shows that the United States announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel is not enjoy popular support. On the 21 th day of the

, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution by majority vote. It decided that any decision or action that claimed to change the status of Jerusalem was invalid. Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ying photo

. However, the Jerusalem issue is complicated. The United States will continue to pry the Middle East as its starting point, and the game of all sides will continue.

128's threat did not work for us to say "no"

General Assembly of the United Nations Day held an emergency special session, will vote on the draft resolution on the issue of Jerusalem's status, and by 128 votes, 9 votes, 35 votes against the resolution abstained.

was the result of a vote taken at the emergency special session of the United Nations Headquarters UN General Assembly in New York in December 21st. The Xinhua News Agency / new

resolution calls for a negotiation between Israel and Palestine to determine Jerusalem's status.

, according to the resolution, any decision or action that attempts to change the characteristics, current situation and population structure of the old city of Jerusalem is not legally effective, and should be abolished in accordance with relevant resolutions of the Council.

12 21, New York, United Nations Headquarters, the permanent observer of Palestine to the United Nations Mansoor arrived before the vote. In addition to the 4 other permanent members of the Security Council outside the United States, 128 other countries, including Afghanistan, Egypt and Jordan, have voted in favour of the Xinhua News Agency /


9 countries, such as the United States, Israel, Guatemala and Honduras, voted against them. The United States will not abandon

continue to leverage

and the Security Council resolution compared to the Middle East, General Assembly resolution is not legally binding, but overwhelmingly in favor of fully reflect the will of the international community, its political influence should not be underestimated.

12 21 July, the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the permanent representative of the United States Haley speech before the vote. Xinhua News Agency / AFP

analysts believe that despite the "usual suspects" threat did not succeed, but the United States will not stop, but will continue to use the Jerusalem issue move across the Middle East relations.

the United States is very aware of the importance of this problem in the Middle East, taking this issue as a grip and easily touching the nerves of the people of the Middle East.

5 23, in Jerusalem Israeli Museum, the visiting US President Trump shook hands with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. At the same time, the Xinhua News Agency / new Jerusalem

reflected that the Middle East countries all agreed against the US's practice on the issue, but they were not consistent in terms of strength, angle and even goal. These countries have different considerations on the issue of Jerusalem and on the relationship between the United States and the United States.

12 21 July, New York United Nations Headquarters, Turkey's foreign minister cavusoglu speech before the vote. Xinhua News Agency / new Arabia

is worth noting that some of the Arabia countries are wary of Turkey's recent efforts to improve its image and expand its influence in the Middle East, which may affect the resultant force of all parties.

fair and comfortable

unity is the power of

in the heart of the heart. The United States announced that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel's practices in the international community has become a target for all morally not enjoy popular support.

12, 10, a small boy wears a dress with Palestinian flag outside Damascus, Jerusalem. The union of the Xinhua News Agency / the United States union

is the strength. The National Union of Arabia and Islamic organizations, many members have long received American aid, but not as "the usual suspects" threat. The legitimate rights and interests of the Palestinian people have been supported by the overwhelming majority of countries. The role of the United Nations in resolving the Israeli Palestinian issue has also been affirmed by most countries.

12 month 10, in East Jerusalem, Israeli military and police patrol in the Arabian settlements. In the final analysis of the Xinhua News Agency /

, the "two countries program" is the right way out for the political settlement of the Palestinian problem.

, the international community should adhere to the relevant United Nations resolutions and the principle of "land for peace" and "Arabia peace initiative" as the foundation, strengthen the promotion of the resumption of negotiations to solve the key issues through dialogue and consultation including the final status of Jerusalem, as soon as possible to solve the Palestinian problem a comprehensive, just and lasting.

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12 6, the US President Trump announced that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will start the process of moving the United States to Tel Aviv from the embassy. The move was universally opposed by the international community.

12 month 18, United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA