Before Li Xianlong, after Wen zaiyin, Chinese this weapon to foreign leaders successfully "circle of powder"!

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Before Li Xianlong, after Wen zaiyin, Chinese this weapon to foreign leaders successfully "circle of powder"!

2017-12-25 09:29:33 272 ℃

to speak of China's new "four major inventions", but was envied by foreigners for a long time. Now in China, no matter whether you go shopping or go shopping, go to dinner or go to the movies, a mobile phone can easily get almost all the needs. This does not, the South Korean President Wen zaiyin on this matter and interested.

South Korean President Wen zaiyin from December 13th to December 16th for a period of 4 days on a state visit to China.

to know Wen zaiyin is China new invention which shocked? Please stamp the video ~

>" although they are here on business, but do these things is no delay. We have not only carried out various diplomatic activities, but also tasted Chinese breakfast.

"Wen zaiyin taste Chinese breakfast Soybean Milk, Deep-Fried Dough Sticks.

however, this seemingly ordinary breakfast to Wen zaiyin a big inspiration.

original, Wen zaiyin meal, want to try Chinese now popular mobile payment. As he did not register a mobile payment account, the embassy staff showed him the steps to pay for the mobile phone with a smartphone. Subsequently, the use of intelligent mobile phone desktop barcode scanning zaiyin, successfully paid 68 yuan of money for breakfast.


"three" refresh by South Korea's president to return home immediately, is the first in the domestic use of electronic transactions when the necessary security plug-in.

"South Korea electronic transactions require security plug-in

X is South Korea's ACTIVE electronic trading settlement when installed in the computer security procedures, but this plugin dampens the speed of transaction.

because of the safety law adopted 18 years ago, Korea has used ACTIVE X as a mandatory security system for all online and electronic financial transactions. South Korea's Central Daily reported that 44 of the 100 most frequently used sites in South Korea have used ACTIVE X embedded programs.

Korea relies heavily on ACTIVE X, making it difficult for foreigners to use Korean websites, and even creating online businesses here is also blocked. Previously, the Korean opera "you from the stars" has caused a wave of purchase in China, but due to the obstacle of ACTIVE X, many Chinese can't buy it directly in Korea's corresponding official website.

in order to change this situation, Wen zaiyin after thinking of "breakfast", truly feel the necessity of removing unnecessary plugins. In December 18th, when attending the Chief Secretary Assistant Officer conference of Chong Wa Dae, he said that, with the goal of canceling "installing unnecessary plug-ins in public network", we should change administrative procedures and improve relevant legal system before 2018.

this is a big move to reform.

8 20, "Singapore Straits Times" published an article entitled "the 2017 National Day rally: when Lin Ruisheng in the smart city of Shanghai that he was becoming a" redneck "article. Yes, you're not wrong, the Singapore manpower minister Lin Ruisheng in the streets of Shanghai to buy food but eat a face of soil, feel like a redneck".

however, Lin Ruisheng the face of soil to eat nor loss, at least let Singapore Prime Minister Li Xianlong found in many city Chinese cash has become obsolete, even credit cards are less and less.

pay from a taxi to a tip for the waiter, and almost all the payments need to be swept with a mobile phone. Li Xianlong believes that the development of Singapore has lagged behind some of China's smart cities