North Korea has hydrogen bombs, and the Korean War is getting closer and closer?

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North Korea has hydrogen bombs, and the Korean War is getting closer and closer?

2017-12-25 18:27:01 398 ℃
The development of nuclear weapons

Pyongyang authorities in recent years to progress faster, so it can focus on the development of the United States to launch missiles with nuclear warheads

North Korea in September at the beginning of the nuclear test again, the intensity of the explosion equivalent to a 6.3 magnitude earthquake. Soon, South Korea warned that the Pyongyang authorities might be preparing for more similar tests.

US Defense Minister Matisse said that any threat to the United States and its allies would be reported to be a "large-scale military response". President Trump had also put relentless, vowed to "anger and anger" response.

has been developing so far, is there any hope that the parties can solve the problem by diplomatic means? Is it unavoidable to admire or fight?

BBC foreign affairs correspondent Jonathan Markus (Jonathan Marcus) answers questions about how the situation may develop.

man both the outbreak of armed conflict?

no one wants a war on the Korean Peninsula. At present, the situation is very intense. Any small conflict will escalate to a comprehensive war. The US side has strongly imply that the Pyongyang authorities should not do anything that might escalate the situation.

if a real war broke out, the conflict would bring catastrophic deaths and deaths. All parties to the conflict may also use nuclear weapons. If that happens, it will be the first time a country has used nuclear weapons during the conflict since the end of the Second World War, which will set a terrible precedent for international politics. The

war will also leave a serious damage. We can be sure that by that time, North Korea will not exist. It is because everyone knows that this will happen, so we will hope that the Pyongyang authorities are still rational and aware of the danger.

despite this, North Korea's current move is still not different from "playing with fire", and it is likely to face a big price.

man who is an important role? What influence do they have?

Japan may not be directly involved in the war on the Korean Peninsula, but the United States in Japan there are many early garrison

war will be a conflict between North Korea and other parties crisis -- especially in South Korea and the United states. The role of

in Japan has not yet been determined unless it is subjected to direct attacks by the DPRK. In spite of

, there are a large number of American garrison in Japan. The United States will also seek assistance from the United Nations Security Council to support it in diplomatic terms. It is hard to calculate how much the United Nations is willing to intervene in this conflict - we hope it is just an academic issue.

man armed conflict will evolve into a global nuclear war?

is unlikely, because a regional war has had a very bad effect. Most NATO allies in

, Russia and the United States will not be directly affected by the conflict. The biggest question is, what would China do if the conflict broke out? Will its response, as in 1950s, intervene in the conflict, so that the Pyongyang authorities will not fall back? Or will it look at it this time?

China and the DPRK have signed a joint defense treaty, but it does not mean that the Beijing authorities are bound to intervene in any conflict. Like the previous one, we hope this will only be an academic issue.

why does the United States do not accept North Korea's nuclear weapons?

North Korea is a nuclear country, and its small nuclear arsenal is not a new thing.

but the Pyongyang authorities have developed a rapid progress in nuclear weapons in recent years, making efforts to launch a missile carrying nuclear warheads to the United States.

we probably can't get North Korea to cancel its own nuclear program. In the future, we can only concentrate on deterring or preventing the Pyongyang authorities from developing more or more advanced weapons.

realities, the outside world has no choice but to accept the fact that North Korea has a nuclear power. But experts are still worried about the impact of North Korea on nuclear proliferation.

Trump has repeatedly threatened to force to resolve the North Korean nuclear crisis

man crisis can still be resolved by diplomatic means?

we still can't know exactly how the North Korean nuclear program is going.

Pyongyang authorities may also need more experiments, and it is hard to speculate whether the missiles and warheads made by North Korea can return to the atmosphere successfully. In other words, North Korea's nuclear technology is not yet mature, but the technical level of the Pyongyang authorities is not high before. One of the concerns of

's nuclear crisis is whether it can force North Korea to abandon its nuclear development program. Even if the outside world continues to solve the problem in the way of peace talks, what is the goal you want to achieve? Is it necessary for the DPRK to stop all the activities? Do you stop all nuclear and missile tests? Is the United States willing to deal with North Korea with a diplomatic, even economic sweetness? All this is not clear.

has already tried to make peace talks with North Korea, and the two parties have signed a number of agreements, and the least of them has been put into practice. We can't say that the outside world never follows