The US does it! Cut a knife to the United Nations

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The US does it! Cut a knife to the United Nations

2017-12-26 09:31:17 372 ℃

, according to the US congressional Hill newspaper December 24th, the United States delegation to the United Nations announced on Sunday that they will negotiate a substantial reduction in the budget of the United Nations in the next fiscal year. According to a statement by the delegation, the United Nations budget for the United Nations will be reduced by $285 million over the previous two years, according to a statement by the delegation. In 2018-2019 fiscal year 2018-2019, the United Nations budget would be reduced by 285 million.

"Capitol Hill newspaper" reported that the original

in this statement, the United States said that the move can be more effective to reduce unnecessary spending, and reduce the energy for this huge system to support the United Nations needed to manage and support functions, so that the United States could return to the United States the priority of the track and other global issues, but also in the United Nations system to establish a more perfect discipline and accountability.

reports that one of the goals of the Trump administration is to reduce the United States' contribution to the United Nations. According to PolitiFact data, the United States currently accounts for 22% of the United Nations' annual total budget in the United Nations, or about $3 billion 300 million per year.

USA President Trump and United Nations ambassador haley.

U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Hely said, the United States announced Sunday that a planned budget cuts, making the United States "in the right direction as a step forward, she will continue to seek to play a greater role in the United Nations and ensure the protection of" America ", their own interests".

Haley said: "the low efficiency of the United Nations and the budget is as everyone knows. We will no longer allow the generosity of the American people to be used or uncontrolled. "

earlier, U.S. President Trump announced on the 6 th of this year that he recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and will start the process of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Last week (21), the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution overwhelmingly, and decided that any decision or action that claimed to change Jerusalem's status was "ineffective". This action is considered to be a "fuse" for the us to reduce its budget in the UN.

in the previous December 20th, U.S. President Barack Trump is in a cabinet meeting issued a threat to countries that oppose the United States of Jerusalem decided that if a country against the United States will cut its aid funds. This