India air blast: another South Asian country "disobedient" to China!

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India air blast: another South Asian country "disobedient" to China!

2017-12-26 09:31:34 946 ℃
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military aircraft Baihu Tang

India ocean island in Maldives earlier this month and Chinese officially signed the free trade agreement between Maldives and China which means that the bilateral economic and trade relations to a new level, Maldives will be more actively involved in economic cooperation in China. This is a good thing. However, India, who has always regarded itself as "India ocean owner", has "dissatisfied" with the normal economic exchanges between China and Malaysia. India media is widely aware that Maldives is estranging India and being close to China.

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and what makes India feel angry is that in Maldives recently announced the cancellation of 3 "without consent" without permission from India's ambassador to Maldives in contact with government officials, and even Maldives media also published an editorial on the government of India for comment. The Ministry of foreign affairs of India immediately issued a protest and asked Maldives to comply with the "India priority" commitment. Maldives only withdrew relevant reports and said that the relationship between India and Maldives has been "tested". Maldives is still willing to adhere to the principle of "India first".

Maldives is an island country situated in the India ocean and near the equatorial region. The territory of the country is mainly composed of 26 groups of natural atolls and 1192 Coral Island. In terms of land area, Maldives is the smallest country in Asia. But in India this series of "India ocean pearl" is very seriously, because the Maldives distance less than 700 kilometers in Sri Lanka, India and minicoy are only more than 100 kilometers, according to India's point of view, Maldives is actually their own "garden" the scope of the jurisdiction of India, so that Maldives should be subject to their own management, rather than "unauthorized and Chinese deal".

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. However, the Maldives government emphasizes that Maldives is willing to sign any international agreement as long as it is good for Maldives's economy. Some politicians and self righteous so-called diplomatic experts questioned the China - Malaysia free trade agreement. The foreign minister of Maldives asimoo earlier this month in a media interview, also said that Maldives is looking for the "Chinese Belt and Road Initiative" development initiative, Maldives also hopes to strengthen cooperation with China. Since this year, Malaysia signed a "The Belt and Road, free trade, economic and technical cooperation, human resources development, desalination, solid waste resource utilization, health, meteorology, finance and other areas of a series of cooperation agreements, including a series of economic measures, silk road fund, an investment bank, help to promote the transformation of Maldives's economy, which is crucial to the value of the future development of Maldives.

thus can be seen that China's win-win value for Maldives is the real element to attract Maldives. China is the largest country in Asia and the land area, Maldives is the smallest country in Asia land area, but the relationship of equality, friendship, China provides not only without additional conditions of economic and trade cooperation opportunities for Maldives, but also take the initiative to help Maldives solve some problems, 2014 Maldives had male desalination freshwater resources crisis caused by factory fire for the first time in Maldives, Chinese provides emergency cash assistance and support to help Maldives drinking water, through a difficult period, Chinese friendly move, also won the trust of Maldives and feedback.

data figure: data figure: compared to the horse friendly exchanges between the two countries under

, India to provide Maldives's economic resources is actually quite limited, and India must emphasize "India first" principle, Maldives was forced to accept the political conditions of the "economic management" this, let Maldives feel very uncomfortable. Although as a country adjacent to India, Maldives and India do not have the ability to compete directly, but as the Maldives ambassador in India said, in the economic development of Maldives, India and Chinese plays a strategic role, Maldives will choose the direction of cooperation, even on the surface still adhere to the "India".

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