Wen zaiyin just suddenly launched an attack! The "thunder" buried between Korea and Japan is finally going to explode

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Wen zaiyin just suddenly launched an attack! The "thunder" buried between Korea and Japan is finally going to explode

2017-12-28 18:25:17 256 ℃

12 27, Kyodo News disclosure, the South Korean government working group on the issue of comfort women in Japan and South Korea recently announced the end of 2015 the consensus on the verification report, pointed out that the negotiations with Japan is a confidant of Andouble, director of the National Security Council in the Valley Shotaro and Pu Jinhui cronies, Li Bingqi was president of the state intelligence of former South Korean ambassador to Japan (after president secretary chief) between the core part of development, do not open to the public, not fully collect victim opinions, the victims and their families, let the national spirit by second damage. So even if the government has reached a consensus settlement of the agreement, it can not avoid the reignition of the problem.

the comfort women issue has been a major obstacle to the development of relations between Japan and South Korea, because the Japanese government has long held an ambiguous attitude caused by the problem is long overdue, and later with the United States to return to Asia Pacific strategy launched in Japan and South Korea to the depth of cooperation, the problem solving process was accelerated. However, the approach is very simple and crude, which requires Japan to pay a certain compensation to appease the victims of South Korea and South Korea, to ensure that victims will not continue to "trouble", on the basis of the agreement between the parties, but did not solve the problem but a relationship between Japan and South Korea in a time bomb, the relationship between Japan and South Korea so very careful.

the agreement in the first place is not based on the two countries to solve the problem wants to sign on the basis of more pressure from the United States, Japan and South Korea and the United States just let with the "return to Asia strategy and didn't care Korean victims of specific interests, so the agreement was signed in an unequal under the condition of real stakeholders -- South Korean comfort women victims but have no right to participate in the agreement, such unreasonable disposal not only will not solve the problem, the long run will produce great harm to the relationship between Japan and South Korea, Japan and South Korea since the official level even when the relationship is on the right track can hide the South Korean society due to unfair treatment caused anger, anger it is easy to convert to a strong hostility and ultimately affect the relationship between Korea and japan.

in addition, South Korea's political situation will be influenced by it. On the day of Park Geun hye government forced to sign the agreement and not disclosed details lead to widespread distrust of the government in society, especially those who did not receive fair treatment of the victims. They are not ordinary individuals, but the humiliating memories of Korean countries in World War II, so they are easy to get the attention and sympathy of all sectors of society, especially the help of Nationalist forces. Therefore in Korean society strong nationalism atmosphere, the South Korean government on such a hasty agreement behavior can be directly equated with a "traitor", people do not trust the government is increasingly deepened, and may even cause widespread social unrest.

this time bomb is finally detonated, and Japan and South Korea will face a huge crisis. There are mainly two main reasons for this situation. On the one hand, the main energy of the US has shifted from "returning to Asia Pacific" to "Peninsula nuclear crisis" and the Middle East anti extremist organization war, and the importance of cooperation between Japan and South Korea has been greatly reduced. No American repression, South Korea on the agreement of discontent will burst; on the other hand, due to the long-term agreement dissatisfaction, Korean society has accumulated great negative emotions, which is a huge pressure on the government, if not handled properly will directly lead to social unrest, South Korea at this time to the Japanese attack is logical.

America Japan and South Korea signed an agreement for the selfish forced comfort women's issues in the present situation, not only hurt the Korean national feelings and buried under the conflict for the relationship between Japan and South Korea seeds, so that the regional situation is becoming increasingly complex. This kind of irresponsible behaviour hegemony is the world source of instability, only the fight is likely to preserve international core interests and eventually obtain peace, blindly tied American tanks, not only difficult to interest, fear of the end result can only be jade and stone burned together.