The India backyard is on fire again, and China is very beautiful this time

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The India backyard is on fire again, and China is very beautiful this time

2017-12-28 18:25:30 800 ℃

recently, the first tourist island of Maldives free trade agreement signed with Chinese rushed India, did not know beforehand, and Maldives has left India for any possible interference time window will finalize this thing. This makes India dissatisfied with nothing.

in December 9th, Sri Lanka rented its southern strategic port to China for 99 years, which also made India extremely passive.

Nepal also had a subtle change in December, at least India felt the crisis. Previously, India forced them to choose India by blocking some of the key roads in Nepal, but it does not seem to be effective. The

in Kingdom of Bhutan, India in the past few years, although the success of spoiler, not let things demarcation has been delayed, but obviously, Bhutan complaints is very heavy, India knows that this control can not keep long.

India media reported that in the past few decades, besides the long hostile Pakistan, India managed to dominate other small neighbours without any difficulty. Those neighbouring countries may complain or even hate India, but they have learned to tolerate it. As China's influence increased in a short time, these small countries began to choose China as their power to balance India and no longer bear the control of India. The behavior of Maldives and Sri Lanka is the best proof, and Nepal and Bhutan will do the same.

data map: India Prime Minister modi

, but is this the so-called pearl chain strategy that China deliberately carried out in India?

Chinese officials have never recognized the existence of the "pearl chain strategy". Even if there is, it will not be aimed at India. China's target rivals are only the only us, and the rest can be regarded as chessmen. In theory, Chinese did not want to India with grudges reasons, India has been implementing the independent foreign policy of nonalignment, China doesn't need to be stimulated into angry elephants in India.

, but the expansion of China's influence has been successfully utilized by India's small neighbours. They have chosen to cooperate with China more. China has nothing to do, but it is impossible to reject these cooperation. China needs to develop. However, it makes India feel boring and thinks China is eroding their territory. Is the idea in India correct?

printing media said India should adjust its diplomatic skills to communicate, rather than control and complain. Diplomats in India now have 770 professionals, who are very amateur relative to 13500 professional diplomats in the United States. This also makes India often make erroneous diplomatic judgments.