Trump's recent move to send a Chinese unexpected gift

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Trump's recent move to send a Chinese unexpected gift

2017-12-28 18:25:35 749 ℃

does not want to lose. On the first day of the stage, he kicked the TPP into the trash can, regardless of the bitterly bitterly of Japan. The interesting detail at that time was that before the camera, Trump glanced around the confidant around him, and said to himself: , everyone knows what this means, right? After signing the

is holding firmly refused to lose the spirit, he withdrew from the Paris agreement, withdrew from UNESCO, and repudiate the $500 million membership dues.

can't let China rape us again, and they do it all the time! (We, can't continue to allow China to rape our country, and, our). Who is the husband of a wife who is a lot of friends flushed, and almost hit. In fact, Trump has long revealed the sex of the couple in China and the United States.

Oh, not right, now the relationship is more complex, even if raped, it can not be sure who is the woman!

back to the topic, but Trump never thought he is a recent move, but really China to send a gift, China help save at least a large sum of money. The number of

is really not small!


all remember the United Nations collective shame thing america.

for protesting Trump admitted that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, the international community reacted strongly, the Security Council emergency meeting to discuss the final vote in 15 countries, 14 countries condemned the United States, but the United States bullying, outrageously vetoed by.

the Security Council does not work, that is the United Nations General Assembly, which is a country one vote.

in view of the bad situation, Trump himself came into battle and threatened the world. That's what he said:

they took hundreds of millions of dollars from us, even billions of dollars, and they voted against us. We are looking at these votes. Let them vote against it, so we'll save a lot of money. We don't care.

Trump is very clear: you eat these countries, the US, we drink in the United States, has now also voted against us, then I'm sorry, don't expect to money, we will save a lot of money.

but Jean Trump also blinds the eye: the 128 vote condemns the US, with 9 votes against and 35 abstentions.

this is the most humiliating diplomatic fiasco in the United States after Trump came to power.

What do you do? Trump is also a roll up your sleeves and go people.

3 days later, Trump issued a order to request the United Nations budget to carry out "historical deletion" of . The US ambassador to the UN Nicky Haley said, according to Trump's instructions, the United States asked the United Nations for the last two years to cut $285 million budget.

: low efficiency of and her What one says is plausible. UN and budget overruns had a reputation, we will not let the generosity of the American people to be used, or let it continue to spread.

and this is only the first step in the United States, Haley also clearly said, this historic budget cuts, and other measures, for the United Nations to more efficient and responsible for the correct path.

UN, you know, you go astray now; I give you some money to us now, as you are on the right track!