At a critical moment, China began to smash the United States' plan to use the UN authorization to move to the north.

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At a critical moment, China began to smash the United States' plan to use the UN authorization to move to the north.

2017-12-28 18:25:39 776 ℃
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in recent days, the United States continued through various means to stimulate the DPRK, looking for excuses for North Korea and North Korea on the use of force, in the face of the United States and strong military pressure against soft, even a strong response to the tit for tat. Today, the war on the peninsula is cloudy and massive war is in touch.

as everyone knows, as the peninsula countries outside the United States, itself is a peninsula of tension of the large-scale war on the initiator of evil, in 50s, leaving the "38 line" is not only the inter Korean military demarcation line, is the American soldiers front door of the distance between China and Russia to reach. Therefore, after the war, the United States has been unable to walk, and its greatest aim is to find opportunities, military occupation of Korea, and direct the front of the army to the doorway of the two countries.

the United States deployed in South Korea Sade system, among the factors besides the military containment of Russia, there is a conspiracy, which is to maximize the stimulation of North Korea, forcing it to make a radical reaction to US military strike on North Korea to provide an excuse. Obviously, the intention of the United States has been achieved. In order to counter the military threat of the US and South Korea, the DPRK continues to respond to the deployment of the US anti missile system in South Korea and the frequent US Korea joint large-scale military exercises by means of nuclear explosions and missile test. As the United States continues to increase its weight on the situation on the peninsula, the situation on the peninsula is like the wind helping the fire, and the more it burns.

with the United States announced the surge in Asia Pacific, 6 aircraft carrier battle group will be rare in the West Pacific, normalization deployment plus F-22 and F-35, a new generation of fighter aircraft in the area, over multiple strategic bombers flew over the peninsula several times at the same time, North Korea has also shot through the test "can hit the United States missile as a response a tit for tat, the two sides do not give, no doubt exacerbated the peninsula war risk, which makes the outside world have to wonder whether it has come to an end a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

, according to the Global Times reported earlier, the United States during the Security Council meeting to discuss the nuclear issue, not only a motion requires countries to immediately expel North Korean diplomats, and the implementation of the oil embargo and blockade measures against North Korea, even asked the Security Council to force North Korea to break it. Because China resolutely opposes the resolutions of the Security Council and gives any hints to allow the us to fight against the DPRK, it also resolutely disagrees with the implementation of the maritime military blockade that may lead to the war. Finally, the United States made a compromise, and its plan to use the United Nations "authorizing" military strikes against the DPRK was immediately shattered.

, however, although the use of the Security Council authorized military action against North Korea's attempt failed, but this does not mean that the United States would abandon the military action against North Korea's intentions, recently, the United States not only the elite weapons gathered in Northeast Asia, but also more than once a use of force signal, after the United States before rendering a high-profile withdrawal USFK families, according to overseas network December 25th news, the U.S. Marine Corps commander Robert Nayler day prior to the troops in Norway said that a "large scale war" is approaching, U.S. should always be ready to fight. Although Robert Nayler said the move was "purely to motivate soldiers, not against any country." But there is a media analysis that Robert's move is focused on Russia and North Korea.

for the United States military action against North Korea's increasingly strong voice, and more than just talk about it, in order to prevent the United States very likely military adventure, Russia responded quickly, not only the day before S-400 announced the deployment of anti missile system in the Far East and Russian Federation Security Council Secretary Pat Rusche J in the 26 day of the United States issued warn that "if a large-scale war in the Korean Peninsula, tens of thousands of American citizens will die".

is different from Afghanistan and Iraq, North Korea is not only has a large number of all kinds of missile weapons, and is very likely to have weapons of mass destruction, once the United States flagrantly launch a military strike against North Korea, North Korea is bound to suffer a strong military attack, even when the United States is the timely withdrawal of all non combatants in South Korea however, nearly 30 thousand U.S. soldiers will face North Korea likely attack with weapons of mass destruction and casualties. Such a result, in military language, is "an unacceptable casualty of any country".

, of course, once the war broke out on the peninsula, the biggest victim was the two country of Korea and Korea. South Korea, in fact, is more afraid of the chaos caused by out of control in Korea than the DPRK, who is not afraid of wearing shoes. Therefore, South Korea, more than once openly oppose military action against North Korea and the United States, Wen zaiyin took office, is eager to recover the wartime command and frequently on China has largely is to think through the neighboring countries to resume the six party talks, and ultimately eliminate the tensions in the peninsula, prevent the outbreak of war.

, in addition, the former South Korean winter Paralympic Games by request the United States to postpone the Korea US joint military drill, it is clear that the release of North Korea's goodwill reconciliation. Because of the forthcoming, the Pingchang Winter Paralympics, which symbolizes peace and unity, is undoubtedly a rare opportunity for both the two countries. According to Yonhap reported in December 26th, South Korean foreign minister Kang Jing and the press conference held at the same day, said that the Pingchang winter Paralympic Games is a model of peace for the international community, and also a solution to the North Korean nuclear issue.