Russian officials just zhichuo heart attack: American North Korea will let about 200000 people injured!

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Russian officials just zhichuo heart attack: American North Korea will let about 200000 people injured!

2017-12-28 18:25:43 793 ℃

the first military sparks of fire even though America has the world's most powerful military forces run amuck in the global scope, but in fact the United States is one of the most cherish life of the nation. Once in the Second World War, the United States in order to protect themselves, to Germany fascist crazyaggression is turning a blind eye, has been holding the sidelines of the attitude. It was not until the sudden attack on the Pearl Harbor in Japan that the United States was forced to get involved in the war. In the later battle of Iwo Jima, the US army suffered heavy losses. In order to avoid sacrificing more American soldiers, the United States decided to use nuclear weapons against Japan, and finally forced Japan to surrender, thus occupying Japan in one fell swoop. And now, the United States is trying to ignite the war in the Asian gunpowder - the Korean Peninsula. Since the United States so cherish life, then the United States should cherish all overseas residents life. Just now, the Russian senior officials have issued a severe warning to about 200000 people in the United States that will kill the United States in the United States. This is actually a deliberate reminder of the United States, not to try to pick up the war, and to think about the lives of American citizens.

, according to the observation report said, Russian Federation security conference official warned that an all-out war in the Korean Peninsula will make tens of thousands of Americans killed in korea. Nicola Patrushev, Secretary of Russian Federation security conference, stressed that the United States is well aware that potential military attacks will cause significant casualties in 250 thousand people living in South Korea. Pat Rusche J stressed that "tens of thousands of American citizens will die if a large-scale hostilities occur on the Korean Peninsula." He also said, as is known to all, that such a result "is an unacceptable casualty in every country in military language."

in fact, in the situation of the peninsula facing Russian officials triggered at any moment, the warning is worth pondering. North Korea has deployed tens of thousands of artillery and a large number of missiles near the 38 line. Even the North Korean rocket launch site is only 50 kilometers away from Seoul, causing severe military threats to Seoul. Seoul has a population of up to 10 million, concentrating 1/5 of the total population of the Republic of Korea. Among the tens of millions of people, the U. S. troops in the United States and their families, as well as the Americans living in South Korea, are 250 thousand. The DPRK has long been a key target for the US base and the army. In other words, if the United States mood.according on North Korea to launch a military strike, then life will inevitably become the first victim of the war in the hundreds of thousands of Americans in South korea.

, of course, if the United States to move to the DPRK, it must be withdrawn to the family of the Koreas. Not long ago, the US Defense Secretary Matthiessen openly said that the U.S. should fully prepare for war, the existing emergency plans can be a withdrawal of American troops families in a short period of time. However, even if the US troops evacuate the Korean family safely, the inevitable casualties will be caused by the war. According to the The Associated Press statistics, from 2001 to August 2014, at least 2198 American soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan. According to the US Department of defense, 19899 American soldiers have been injured in hostilities since the United States carried out military operations in Afghanistan. In the 13 years of the war in Afghanistan, the US army paid a heavy price to win the "heartland" connecting the Eurasia and the Middle East. The United States is still working so hard against Afghanistan, but to deal with North Korea, which now owns nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles. Therefore, it is necessary for the United States to think twice about attacking North Korea.

needs to be noted that the situation on the peninsula has fallen into a "vicious circle", and that responsibility must be held by the United States. Especially when Trump came to power, it changed the policy of the previous US governments' "mild" policy towards Korea, and adopted the "tough" military deterrent measures. It was the threat of American intimidation that forced North Korea to tighten its nuclear weapons, and the situation on the peninsula, which had tended to ease, became nervous again. The main purpose of the US's frequent threat to North Korea is to kidnap Japan and South Korea by using the Korean nuclear issue, to contain China and Russia, and to firmly control Northeast Asia's strategic initiative in its own hands. But what the US did not expect was that the progress of the DPRK's nuclear weapons was very fast. It also launched a test of an intercontinental missile that could be known as hitting the US mainland, which is far beyond the original expectation. According to the current situation, North Korea is getting out of control. Once it is cornered, it will probably start the nuclear button. When it comes to Koreans, even residents in Japan, South Korea and even Guam will be seriously threatened by life.

since the fall into the "vicious spiral", at any time of the outbreak of war, United States and Japan and South Korea will make people suffer from nuclear attack, then you should think of ways to solve the "vicious spiral". Nicola Patrushev, the Secretary of the Russian Federation security conference, said, "this vicious circle can only be broken by political and diplomatic means." He stressed that Beijing and Moscow are promoting a comprehensive road map, including the cessation of nuclear pilot tests by the DPRK and the United States' stop in military exercises on the Korean Peninsula.

obviously, the peninsula war will cause catastrophic consequences, which is not what China and Russia would like to see. In order to effectively reduce the risk of war, China and Russia have made a lot of efforts. For example, China has put forward a "double track" idea and a "double pause" proposal, and Russia puts forward a "road map" to resolve the nuclear issue. The unanimous purpose of China and Russia is through diplomacy