Indian media hype has been China "strategic encirclement", China domineering send it a word as a response!

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Indian media hype has been China "strategic encirclement", China domineering send it a word as a response!

2017-12-28 18:25:56 745 ℃

first military Author: in the middle of the day, the wolf brother

has three days to enter the new year. Obviously, the Sino Indian relationship is not calm in 2017. The government of India wearing tainted glasses staring at China zhaocha, and to China rivalry, not only around the balance of Chinese carried out a series of secretly diplomatic activities, or even a serious incident openly directs illegal entry into the territory of the Chinese border guards. Although the final pressure went out from India, but the media is still in "Victor" itself, advocating the "stop" Chinese action -- until recently, when India saw Chinese through satellite images in the great progress of infrastructure construction in long tunnel, just suddenly understand who is the one to laugh the last.

now look at the India media statement: 2017 Chinese and India in South Asia power competition into a fight hand to hand with the situation. For example, in addition to the confrontation crisis in summer, India has made "breakthroughs" in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and other India neighbors. The main contents are as follows, first, the Sri Lankan government official will southern Hambantota port 99 year lease granted a Chinese state-owned enterprises; two, Nepal election "pro China" coalition "sweep" of the "pro yinpai" party, obtained form the next government authority; three, Maldives became the second Pakistan after second Chinese signed a free trade agreement with South Asian countries, will be an island on loan to a China company, will other domestic large infrastructure projects to other China company; four, Chinese, Afghanistan and Pakistan held the three party talks in Beijing's foreign minister, to strengthen political mutual trust and reconciliation the development of cooperation with China Unicom, security and counter-terrorism cooperation. In addition, in Bhutan and Bangladesh, some of the countries with stable relations with India have also been disadvantaged in India. The above situation in

makes India feel "worried and uneasy". In the traditional India since that is the "backyard" of the country, Chinese's influence is over India in India formed a "strategic encirclement" situation.

, in fact, the above mentioned topics in India can only expose its paranoid mentality. The main reason is India's desire to control neighboring countries. Though India was once a colony, when the British evacuated, the Indians inherited the British ruling desire from the oppressed to the oppressor. From the time of British Gandhi, India carried out the "New Oriental Monroe doctrine" in the subcontinent of South Asia, claiming that "South Asia is South Asia's South Asia". In essence, we want to say that "South Asia is India's South Asia", and regard the whole South Asia as its sphere of influence. In order to achieve this goal, India even played the role of the invaders and subverts. First, the Pakistan was dismembered and the three small neighboring countries of Sikkim, Bhutan and moor were brought into their own sphere of influence through the re signing of the treaty. In 1975, it was formally annexed to Sikkim, and then in fact, Bhutan was controlled, and it was also covetous for India, Nepal.

India and Chinese compete the abnormal state of mind is more and more serious, all things and Chinese together, it will be wearing tainted glasses to examine the results, is to look for trouble and frustration.

, with China's current volume and development stage, to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with other countries in the world is not only a need for its own development, but also for the expectations of all countries in the world. China is close to South Asia, and it is unavoidable to develop the relationship with South Asian countries. India speculation "strategic get excited over a little thing China encirclement" to India, it is not a fact, not a normal country should be thinking.

now, India does not need to compete with Chinese, but need to reflect on why the past it was firmly in control of the countries are now showing the desire to get rid of it control, India is not itself a mistake in dealing with the relationship between neighboring countries, neighboring countries and it leads to disunity. Maybe

heart is far higher than the strength of India not to reflect on their own. However, the third parties have been reflecting on the Indians. The Economist magazine wrote that, in addition to the perennial hostile Pakistan, India passed