The United States bombed Syria! From gold to crude oil, the market affects full fermentation

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The United States bombed Syria! From gold to crude oil, the market affects full fermentation

2018-04-16 00:25:24 159 ℃

is hot again. The first time in the world, a conference call was held in Syria to discuss the impact of the situation. It turned out to be a Chinese broker. Russian President Putin has joined the domestic brokerage telephone conference to seek the US attack on Syria. The first sentence is: as we have expected...

paid attention to the time that the stock market was not open until the rest of the market.


4, 14, 9 o'clock in Beijing time, Trump said that the Syria chemical weapons related facilities have been ordered to strike accurately. Then Damascus, the capital of Syria, heard a huge explosion from the air.

source: Xinhua News Agency

by the situation in Syria continues to heat up, cloth oil in Beijing on 13 April hit a new high in 2014, WTI crude oil price is maintained at the highest level since December 3, 2014, recorded since July last year, the biggest weekly gain. So is

gold, gold higher for three consecutive days, the London gold rose nearly 2.92%, to $1365.40 an ounce; then Trump in Syria on the issue of ambiguity, led to panic eased, gold was taking all the gains. The single week London Jin Dazhang is nearly 0.9%, the amplitude is 2.91%, the gold TD increases 0.26%, the amplitude is 1.5%. "Cannon sounds, huangjinwanliang is also a perfect interpretation of the soaring value of gold as a hedge gold rush.

with many event factors, how will the subsequent market be deductive?

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, the US bombing Syria! The latest news is here.

President Trump announced on the evening of 13, the United States has joined the United Kingdom and France to strike a precise attack on Syria's military facilities. Fire light and smoke rose over Damascus, the capital of Syria.

's latest news shows that the US Defense Department held a press conference, and general Deng Fude, chairman of the Federation, told reporters that the special air raid was over tonight. However, the announcement of the defense officials in The Pentagon tonight clearly stated that this is a continuous action. When the Syria regime stops using chemical weapons, the strike will be officially ended.

used the Tomahawk cruise missile

Reuters quoted U.S. government officials as saying that the US precision strike against Syria used Tomahawk cruise missiles. According to the US Department of defense, US military fleet and aircraft were used in the military operation.

and dumayr air base that was attacked

Mazar Syria counter attack and 13 missiles shot down

of Syria's state television said in Syria after the bombing, air defense forces launched a counterattack, and shot down 13 missiles in the southern area of Damascus.

the U.S. Defense Department said three targets hit

, the U.S. Department of defense held a press conference, the chairman Deng Fude announced that the first target is a research center, the second goal is Holmes a chemical weapons storage center west, third is close to the second target of a chemical weapons and military command complex.

6 Syria civilians were injured

, according to Russian satellite news flash: American, British and French air strikes on Syria have caused at least 6 Syria civilians to be injured.

Russia's embassy in the US: such an action will not have no consequences. After

, the Russian Embassy in the US voicing: we are threatened. We warn that such action will not have no consequences. All responsibilities are attributed to Washington, London and Paris.

's insult to the Russian president is unacceptable and unrecognised. The United States has the largest chemical Arsenal, and there is no moral right to blame for other countries.

, according to the news of CCTV news, Alexander Schelin, the first vice president of the Russian Federation Duma, issued a statement saying that the US, Britain, France and the three countries' military strike against Syria is a violation of international norms, and Russia's security is seriously threatened. The act of the United States and Britain is a naked violation of the sovereign state, and Russia, as a nuclear power, will not ignore it.

, the British Ministry of Defense: air raid on Syria "successful and effective"

global network quoted the German "world news" reported on April 14th, the British Ministry of Defense said in a statement on the same day in the morning, preliminary indications that three countries air strikes on Syria is successful and effective".

reported that British Prime Minister Teresa May had said the attack was "no choice". "There has been no alternative to the use of armed forces to prevent the use of chemical weapons by the Syria regime," she said.

also said that this was not "interference in civil war" and "regime change", Teresa May said.

French President Ma also observe the law in the remote kelom crackdown on syria. Ma said in a statement after the cyclone on May 2017, the French chemical weapons drew a red line, tonight I have ordered a military strike against Syria suspected chemical weapons target.

Australia, Canada, Japan expressed support for the new network on April 14th in

, Australia was not involved in the raid in Syria, but issued a statement in support of the Allied action. The guardian said the United States informed the Australian government about the air raid soon before the air raid began.

Australia statement said that Australia's support for the air attack and air strikes sent a clear message to the Syria regime and Russia and Iran that they could not tolerate the use of chemical weapons. In addition

, Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said the United States, Canada, Britain and France to support air campaign against Syria, "said the ability to raid can weaken the regime in Syria launched a chemical attack on its own people".

, according to the news from Japan's NHK television, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said in an interview with Osaka on the same day, the Japanese government supported the US and Britain's military strikes against Syria.

: the Secretary General of the United Nations called on all parties to exercise restraint

according to the CNN (CNN) reported on April 14th, UN Secretary General Guterres 14, expressed the hope that the United Nations Member States to exercise restraint in the current situation in Syria, all countries should avoid any possible cause and aggravate the situation continued to upgrade Syria's painful behavior.

Guterres said, "the UN Security Council has failed to establish a special effective investigation mechanism to reach an agreement on the issue of using chemical weapons in Syria. I will urge the members of the Security Council to take responsibility and fill this vacancy."

Chinese in Syria embassy once again remind Chinese citizens not to travel to the Syria

China Embassy in Syria announced on 13 May, once again remind Chinese citizens and the travel agency recently or not to go to Syria tourism organization.

"cannon sounds, huangjinwanliang?

gold market all around Syria fluctuations, the first half of the week Trump announced the bombing of Syria, causing panic soaring gold higher for three consecutive days, the London gold rose nearly 2.92%, to $1365.40 an ounce; then Trump in Syria on the issue of ambiguity, led to panic eased, gold was taking all the gains. The single week London Jin Dazhang is nearly 0.9%, the amplitude is 2.91%, the gold TD increases 0.26%, the amplitude is 1.5%.


Sino US trade war relief, week Chumei stocks rebounded across the board go up, return to the highs last week. However, with the deterioration of the Syria problem in the next half of the week, the market risk preference was reduced, and the rebound in US stocks was limited. The whole week the S & P closed up 1.99%, the Dow rose 1.79%, the NASDAQ closed up 2.77%.

crude oil as one of the most important global commodities, crude oil has always been a "commodity king" of the title, the price is usually affected by the supply and demand structure, the international situation, market liquidity and investor risk appetite of multiple factors.

as of April 13th, due to the escalation of the situation in Syria, including the goal of positive suggestion on oil prices and other impact factors of events, cloth oil record in 2014 to a new high, WTI crude oil prices remain at the highest level since December 3, 2014, since July last year recorded its biggest weekly gain. As of Beijing time, international futures closed in April 13th, Brent crude oil prices were $72.62 / barrel, and WTI crude oil prices were $67.39 / pail. In addition to the impact of Syria's situation on crude oil prices,

reported Saudi Arabia's 10 day report that Saudi Arabia indicated that it hoped to achieve 80 yuan of oil price level, in order to support the government's policy agenda and the IPO of Saudi Arabia's energy giant. After the news, the short line of oil prices rose rapidly. Earlier last week, the Saudi Crown Prince said oil prices would rise this year and will be higher in 2019. After


air attack, bitcoin prices rose, 7753.30 from Japan, 8000 yuan on the station.

subsequent impact oil prices: the situation in Syria /section>

limited impact on oil prices "in the case of Syria, because the Middle East is the world's most concentrated area of crude oil production, most of its capacity to export, so tensions in the Middle East to the global oil market will produce immediate. However, due to the fact that Syria is the "marginal country" of the Middle East oil producing countries (less than 1% of the global market), the geopolitical risk of the marginal countries has been proved to be relatively weak after all. According to the statistical analysis of

Orient Securities, profound oil prices are related to geopolitical risks, the core country (1973 Middle East War, Iran 1979 revolution / the Iran Iraq war, Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1900, 2003, the Iraq war of the Arabia spring of 2011), and these geopolitical risks were caused by oil prices rose over 300%, 100%. 30%, 300%, 20%.

, including the war in Afghanistan in 2001, Russia and Ukraine in 2014