Syria has just fought this country and stabbed Russia with a knife, Putin's trouble is really big

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Syria has just fought this country and stabbed Russia with a knife, Putin's trouble is really big

2018-04-16 00:25:26 198 ℃

/ Milan stick

, according to the latest news of China news service, the US Army has joined the UK and France to carry out a precision attack on Syria's military facilities, and a large number of Tomahawk cruise missiles flew to Syria capital. In response, Syria state television said the United States, Britain and France have "launched aggression" on Syria.

is the problem. Where is Russia? Russia wants to do? This is a common concern. In fact, Russia is now a mess, because not only Syria, but one thing is also difficult enough. Because Syria had just opened war and another country stabbed Russia, Putin was in trouble this time.

from the Ukraine civil war erupted in 2015 so far, has gradually fade out of our sight, and the sun under the support of Russia also has a foothold, can be said to be a complete independent separatist situation. May be due to the recent US and Russia in the Syria game, also let Ukraine take advantage of.

in April 12th, the president of Ukraine Poroshenko said at the eleventh session of the Kiev forum said, Ukraine will formally withdraw from the Commonwealth of Independent States, and close the relevant institutions in Belarus near Minsk, Ukraine in the CIS headquarters and representative office. In fact, as early as March 2014, the Ukraine government began to withdraw from the CIS process. At that time, Crimea declared independence in March 16th and joined Russian Federation as a republic.

in Ukraine at this time and the opportunity to mention this, although Ukraine and Russia have not, but has not take advantage of another's perilous state.

is a careful analysis of the CIS countries, except Russia, the basic is to pour into NATO camp, but once it will bring into the edge of the political crisis to Russia, and the president of Ukraine that will withdraw from the CIS, if the resolution was approved in the parliament of Ukraine, then other countries of the CIS especially in Russia the cause is a huge. Since last year, stable situation in Ukraine ease, and the Russian border in eastern Ukraine on the second army, Twentieth army synthetic sits, also let the Western Europe slowly accepted the fact. But once Ukraine joins the CIS and joins NATO, the 2 ABCT fighting groups of Romania army and the US Army will lead to Ukraine and Ukraine army.

and the border once contact us inevitably increases the deployment, and recently the escalating situation in Syria, can not help but make people feel scared.