Kim Jeong-eun met the head of the Chinese Art Troupe

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Kim Jeong-eun met the head of the Chinese Art Troupe

2018-04-16 10:25:26 165 ℃
Original title: Kim Jeong-eun met with the head of the

Kim Jeong-eun conveyed his cordial greetings to general secretary Xi Jinping. Kim Jeong-eun said that I had made a historic visit to China not long ago, and held meaningful talks with general secretary Xi Jinping, and reached important consensus and achieved fruitful results. In the relationship between a new important moment in higher stage, the General Secretary Xi sent Song Tao of minister China art group of high level and large scale to North Korea, which fully reflects the general secretary Xi Jinping to implement the consensus reached by the US and attach great importance to the Korean people's friendship.

Song Tao conveyed the cordial greetings from general secretary Xi Jinping to Kim Jeong-eun. Song Tao said that the historical meeting of general secretary Xi Jinping and chairman Kim Jeong-eun opened a new chapter in China - DPRK relations. I am visiting the Chinese Art Troupe for the purpose of implementing the important consensus of the leaders of the two parties, carrying forward the friendship between China and North Korea, promoting exchanges and cooperation between the two parties, and promoting cultural and artistic exchanges.

exchanged views on strengthening bilateral exchanges and cooperation and international and regional issues of common concern. Kim Jeong-eun expressed the hope that the exchanges and cooperation between the two parties and the two countries should be strengthened in an all-round way and learn from the experience of the Chinese party. Song Tao expressed his willingness to work with DPRK to implement the important consensus of the leaders of the two parties, and to contribute to the continuous development of Sino DPRK relations in the new era, to enhance the well-being of the two peoples, and to maintain peace and stability on the peninsula.

that night, Kim Jeong-eun and his wife Li Xuezhu held a grand welcome reception for China Art Troupe, the WPK Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, vice chairman of the central organization department minister Cui Longhai long, guidance and Song Tao at the conference on speech respectively. In the afternoon, Li Xuezhu watched the performance of the ballet Giselle of the Chinese Art Troupe in Pyongyang's main music and art development theater. He praised highly the performance of Chinese artists, and thanked the Art Troupe for its contribution to the Sino Korean friendship.

Cui, Jin Yingzhe, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the Korean labor party, Jin Yu, the first vice minister of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Korea, is watching the performance and attending the reception. Jin Yu. When the Chinese Art Troupe arrived, Li Zhuyong, Kim and Zheng and the people from all walks of life were greeted at the airport. Kim and is still visiting the art troupe. On the morning of

14, Song Tao held a working meeting with Li Zhuyong.



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