Andouble is going to collapse! Why is China not happy?

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Andouble is going to collapse! Why is China not happy?

2018-04-16 20:25:33 137 ℃

1 years ago, is still full of confidence to create history (to become Japan's longest serving prime minister, to amend the constitution article ninth) Abe Shinzo, never own will be reduced to such an awkward situation.

Saturday (4.14), Japanese people held a big political rally in front of the Tokyo Congress to ask Abe Shinzo to step down.

, according to the assembly, said there were about 30 thousand people in the assembly, and the crowd at the meeting was crowded with all the roads near and around the front of the Congress.

they held a "truth", "down with Andouble" and other signs, chanting "never allow public use" and "falsification of documents thoroughly investigated responsibility" and other slogans, recent exposure of the Andouble regime to protest a number of scandals, asked the prime minister Abe Shinzo and his cabinet resigned. In addition to the demonstrations,

's latest poll data from the poll also showed the Japanese people's extreme dissatisfaction with the Andouble regime.

, according to the NiPPon News Network (NNN) report, NNN poll conducted last weekend showed that the approval rate of Andouble cabinet in Japan was 3.6 percentage points lower than that of last month, which is 26.7%. This is the lowest record of Abe Shinzo's second time as prime minister.

replied that does not support the Andouble cabinet as high as 53.4%.

answers questions about how Prime Minister Abe should deal with the problems of Sen you school and the problem of adding school parks. answers the most people who should take the blame and resign, accounting for 34.8%.

's massive domestic and diplomatic issues and huge distrust of the nation left Abe Shinzo, who was unbeatable 1 years ago, instantly to the edge of the cliff.

is now even former prime minister - Junichiro Koizumi couldn't help jumping out of the fall, on Saturday the Japanese national demonstrations, "said" senyou "and" add "a series of problems such as the influence, Andouble has lost the trust of the people, is expected to continue to win in September the president of the Liberal Democratic Party in the election."

on the current situation, Japanese politics is "the coming stormin".

for this time, will Andouble's regime really fall? Is it a good thing or a bad thing for China to fall back from the Andouble regime?

Andouble's fall is a high probability event

in the opinion of the author, Andouble's regime is a high probability event, but the fall of Andouble to Chinese, but is not necessarily a good thing.

first, why does the Andouble regime fall into power is a big probability event.

  • first, the scandals involved in the Andouble regime are being confirmed one by one, and the public sentiment will only become more and more angry.

is not like the United States the Trump "through the Russian scandal allegations is still in speculation, a series of charges related to Andouble, is that one by one.

, and Andouble's different attitudes, also made the Japanese people feel a great deal of deception.

let Andouble be "senyou scandal", which is a state-owned land in Osaka, the normal price of 1/10 sold to the Incorporated Company, senyou, senyou, intended to open schools in the land, and the reputation of the school principal is Mrs. Andouble Andouble Akimegumi.

, so the opposition party suspected Andouble and his wife made what skills to help the Sloan School get the land. So all kinds of investigations were launched. The Congress also called for Andouble Akimegumi to be summoned repeatedly, and was refused by Abe Shinzo. At

, Abe Shinzo publicly said that if he was involved in the matter with his wife, he would resign.

and later a series of investigations show that Andouble Akimegumi involved in the scandal is decided things, but Andouble did not resign, did not let his wife was summoned.

in the last month, the media has exposed the financial newspaper to Congress on the senyou Gakuen "premium" approval documents have been tampered with, including the removal of a number of politicians the name of prime minister Mrs. Andouble Akieoi.

, the Japanese people suddenly exploded.

but it pours ", earlier this month, the Ministry of Defense announced suddenly found" Iraq has claimed that the SDF log does not exist, is suspected of deliberately concealed the existence of the log.

's continuing scandals have completely bankrupted the credibility of the Andouble regime.

as in Saturday's demonstrations, a young mother holding son said in an interview with the media, government departments to tamper with the document, stating that Japan has not called the rule of law.

and polls also show that the Andouble regime has completely lost the trust of the Japanese people, and it is necessary to step down.

  • second, the Andouble regime could not transfer internal contradictions through the struggle with foreign countries.

though Abe's master Trump is also scandalous and controversial, he can transfer internal contradictions through a series of external actions such as trade war with China, sanctions against Russia and bombing Syria.

, but this technique is not suitable for the current Andouble. First of all, the Korean nuclear issue known as "Japan's biggest threat" has been relieved. Secondly, there is no sign and condition of the great conflict between China, Japan, Korea and Japan.

so, the fire of the Japanese people in will only burn more and more for the Andouble regime.

  • third, the party's political opponents in the party, step by step.

since 2012, since the two stage Andouble, Japan's Liberal Democratic Party has gradually formed a "dominant" situation, once the ruling Democratic Party (now called the Democratic Party of Japan) was beaten mandizhaoya, according to the latest poll, the Democratic Party of Japan support rate is only 1.1%; split by the democratic constitutional Democratic Party only 11.9%; the Liberal Democratic Party's support rate is as high as 36.8%

; therefore, of the Liberal Democratic party bigwigs, as long as the election is as party president, lying can be prime minister.

but because before "Andouble economics" win a lot of supporters of the Liberal Democratic Party, so few people to challenge Andouble. It was also the reason why Abe Shinzo was full of confidence to fix the Constitution and take third consecutive terms. At

Abe Shinzo, the Japanese Prime Minister, will be the longest - serving prime minister in Japan's history for 10 years.

, however, all of these calculations were broken with the fermentation of "Sanger scandal", and the voice of the LDP asked for its stance no longer re elected. It is also eager to challenge Abe Shinzo's power.

, according to two major Japanese polls, has shown that Koizumi Shinjiro has surpassed Abe Shinzo and Shigeru Ishiba as the ideal prime minister in the hearts of the Japanese people.

Japan JX news agency poll, the Liberal Democratic Party deputy director general Koizumi Shinjiro's support rate ranked first with 24.7% A new force suddenly rises., Andouble, the cabinet minister Shigeru Ishiba 24% local creation came in second, Andouble was reduced to 20.1%.

Japanese television poll also showed that Koizumi Shinjiro's support rate was 24.4%, ranked first, followed by Shigeru Ishiba 23.3%, and Andouble was only 15%.

so, in terms of the above, the collapse of Abe Shinzo's regime is a big probability.

Abe Koizumi

Abe Shinzo fell to the full Chinese dialogue is not friendly, already is a hammer, but , his downfall of Chinese may not be a matter for rejoicing.

may be a right-wing person who is not friendly to him - Koizumi Shinjiro.

mentioned Koizumi's Japanese surname. Most readers would be able to think of Junichiro Koizumi, a Japanese prime minister who visited the Yasukuni Shrine several times.

, the Koizumi Shinjiro, is a pro - son of the former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi. So, it is not hard to understand, when Junichiro Koizumi Abe Shinzo was kuangpen Saturday.

is called, "the father has its son." Under the influence of Junichiro Koizumi's political idea, Koizumi Shinjiro, who took over Andouble, could be a Japanese right-wing politician with more maliciously hostile Andouble to China.

visible, the next Sino Japanese relations, is still cold in winter.