South Korea suddenly changed, to pay for Zod!

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South Korea suddenly changed, to pay for Zod!

2018-04-16 20:25:33 147 ℃
Wen / Han Qing

had not been very good in South Korea since he installed Saad. Trump waved the trade stick and forced South Korea to amend the Korea - us free trade agreement.

remember before Trump asked South Korea to pay for it to Saad? Trump felt that Sade system of the United States deployed in South Korea, a precious, spend so much effort to protect your Korean security, South Korea must pay $1 billion for Sade system pay!

at the time of the Korean public backlash is very strong, think this is too humiliating, South Korea because of problems with China thad, Russia make such an unpleasant, overseas Korean car sales decline, the tourism industry shrinking, South Korean enterprises loss of trillions of won, now a thad to Korea own money, really cut to the heart of ~

is a pillar of the economy of Korea automobile export it with Trump built a wall is a reason, Trump on Twitter is "scold Mexican drug traffickers" and "rapist", came to the United States as illegal immigrants, increased crime rates in the United states.

scolded Mexico is not fun, but also let Mexico built a wall of money, the other after playing right face, South Korea thad pay essence with the money to repair the Mexico border wall no difference.

, many Korean people are very unhappy, especially in the Saad deployment site, the anti Saad group can't go to the street to protest, "hunger strike sit in" and so on.

Korea was very determined at the beginning. Last May, it said publicly that the funds needed for the deployment and operation of Saad anti missile system were borne by the US side, and the electricity and the required roads and land were provided by the ROK. Water and electricity can be paid. America wants South Korea to pay for Saad. There is no door!

on the American ship, which is so good?

that less than a year, the South Korean government will change, willing to pay for Zod!

this face to South Korea pops the sound didn't want to play your own face directly, for a comparison of Euphemism: "if the United States wants from the defense fee sharing gold funding for maintenance" Sade "system, in the agreed defense fee sharing range according to the total amount of the project required the use of." What does


thad money in the USFK military in South Korea needs the part inside the bear, mean that South Koreans play a game of words: if the South Korean military commitment unchanged, then South Korea looks not to lose; if South Korea share more share of the military, it is disguised as Sade pay.

Saad is deploying

in South Korea, then will South Korea take on more military charges?

has such a detail to pay attention to: Korea and the United States are currently in Jeju Island to adjust the share of the Korean US defense costs in South Korea to adjust the negotiations! Trump will mercilessly slaughter South Korea knife, pull out the wool allies not too simple, Trump of Saudi Arabia, Japan, EU and other traditional allies without exception, one by one to collect "protection fees".

2017 Korea take the USFK military for 950 billion 700 million won (about 5 billion 600 million yuan), this year it is not the same, count the sadean, South Korea need to pay money will skyrocket, rise much depends on Trump this "gangster" big appetite, South Korea thad money is a foregone conclusion.

the South Korean military often fooled the people on the Saad. The United States and South Korea have always wanted to further improve the sad base and build some buildings for military purposes.

6 against the "Sade" group members and more than 150 people gathered in a bridge Seongju distance "Sade" entrance to the base of about 500 meters, drill into the aluminum grille spaces, rows of adult wall square, block construction equipment and building materials into the base.


serial network" to Bridge South Korean police dispatched more than 3000 police tried to disperse the crowd, and set up under the bridge just in case an inflatable cushion. "Seoul news" said the police and the confrontation people have violent limb conflict, many residents were injured to send medical treatment.

see hard not, then come to the soft.

South Korea's military thought of a coup, suddenly these protesters say these vehicles are all equipped with building materials, thad anti missile base to officers and soldiers in improving the living conditions of use, you look at the base of the sadean stationed in the South Korean soldiers living conditions more bad, take their own soldiers as a shield.

military said there are 400 people stationed in the base, including more than 130 US troops and 270 Korean troops, but the living facilities in the base are seriously inadequate. The base of the kitchen can only give 150 meals, the remaining officers can only eat food from field army.

because water pipe construction is obstructed, now the toilet in the base is abominable, the environment is too bad, it must be repaired.

golf course is the transformation of the U.S. recognition

but the Korean people still before these people not to yield a step, because the South Korean military was badly fooled, No. 15 broke the news: South Korean military deliberate deception anti SA people, military equipment and equipment is to improve the lives of Han Army soldiers from the name "Sade" base the withdrawal, which led to anti SA group and local public outcry.

to Sade, the South Korean government is also broken heart, and the people of wits, in the end also was cut to the heart, and make a "Sade tax", which is bound to us tanks, trying the cost ~

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