Provocative constantly! Israel angers Iran, Iran gives a response: let you disappear on the map within 25 years

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Provocative constantly! Israel angers Iran, Iran gives a response: let you disappear on the map within 25 years

2018-04-25 12:35:04 218 ℃


The Middle East is not peaceful since ancient times. On the one hand, the oil resources in the Middle East are the most abundant in the world, and on the other is geopolitical. The imbalance has become the sandwich between the two major countries, the United States and Russia, and has become the world's powder barrel. This is not the case. Syria’s warfare has just subsided, and Iran and Israel have risen to another place. They have done a real job.

According to overseas network’s report on April 24, recently Iran’s military leaders Abdulla al-Moussavi gave a reproach to the Israeli government, saying that Israel’s air will be exhausted. Even if the United States backs its support, it will “disappear” within 25 years. The edge is exposed. In fact, the relationship between Iran and Israel is like the situation on a certain peninsula in East Asia, except that the "invaders" are not the United States, but Israel, the hard-core American brother.

Said the grudges between Israel and Iran since ancient times. Since the Second World War, when the Middle East replaced the Balkans, it became the object of contention between the United States and Russia. The United States began to vigorously support Israel. After Israel’s founding in 1948, the war in the Middle East was almost never broken. Israel’s hegemony in the Middle East is also overbearing in the Middle East. Frequent frictions and conflicts arise with countries. Israel is hostile to Iran and Russia under the "incitations" of the U.S. government. The contradictions between the two sides are concentrated in religions and cults. Iran pursues Islam, and Israel happens to occupy the holy city of Jerusalem, the Iranian sect. This is the opposite of religion and national sentiment. Second, Iran’s strength in the Middle East must also exceed that of Israel. Israel regards Iran as the greatest threat. Except that Iran has not yet had another country to fight Israel, Israel believes that as long as Iran is still in, it is very dangerous.

The third and most important reason is the support of the United States. Unlike Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Israel has completely bowed its head to the United States. It is almost ignorant of the United States' sturdy country in the Middle East. It is an undisputed leader in the United States. due toIran has a large territory in the Middle East. The United States continues to launch wars and provoke Iran. Therefore, the United States regards Iran as a hostile force like Russia, and it is unpleasant. The Iranian military’s propaganda to Israel, from a deep level of analysis, is also a warning against the United States and shows Iran’s determination to survive with the United States.

From the report, it can be seen that the tension between Israel and Iran has risen again. In the meantime, the reason for the confrontation is that the Iran’s advanced weapons and anti-missile system support behind Iran. If there is no Russia, Iran will have ten heads. I am afraid that it will not dare to confront the United States indirectly, only in Russia. Under the umbrella of protection, they have the confidence to have guns and crush the Israeli “Zionist Dream”.

Iran’s alliance with Russia not only can strike Israel, but also can be used against the United States. Political backing, coupled with Iran’s adherence to the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf, these two oil majors, which compete with the United States, also have three-point strength, not to mention Israel’s objective analysis of Israel’s provocation against Iran. It also seems to really live 25 years.