This country has always been quiet and suddenly jumped high.

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This country has always been quiet and suddenly jumped high.

2018-04-27 20:25:32 214 ℃

The first military Author: Fire Fire

Recently, the Australian side frequently provoke China, the Russian experts say the United States is to complete the "demonizing China" order, if such a thing really very alarming. Recently, another Western power that has always been quiet has begun to shake. It is not very kind to do three things. The sword is very vivid in the colors of China.

According to the report of the “Global Post” website in Canada, the Canadian Senate recently passed a motion that condemned the "China's escalating hostilities in the South China Sea," and urged all parties to the dispute to maintain the freedom of navigation and overflight as stipulated in international law and the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The motion was passed with 43 votes in favor, 29 votes against and 6 abstentions. Wu Qinghai, the Conservative senator who initiated the motion, claimed that the passage of this bill sent a strong signal to China. "With this motion passed, the Senate is demonstrating its 'hostile behavior' toward China's escalation in the South China Sea. Concern and urge the Canadian government to take a principled position on one of the most significant geopolitical conflicts of our time.”

This is the first, and there are two, and it is also unfriendly. According to Taiwan’s “Central News Agency” reported on April 26, the Canadian Minister of International Trade Shang Pengfei issued a message on Twitter on the 26th that he had just talked with Taiwan’s “economic minister” Shen Rongjin to negotiate and improve “bilateral” investment matters. He also said in a tweet that the volume of trade between Canada and Taiwan has increased by nearly 7% in 2017. Shang Pengfei proactively issued documents and photos to promote interaction with the "ministers" of the Taiwan authorities. Taiwan media believed that this was a rare event. The report also stated that this move was regarded as a high-level official of the Canadian government of Trudeau "to face up to the friendly relations with Taiwan." Characterization." In addition, Canada and Japan signed the inter-government Agreement on Provision of Materials and Services (ACSA) on the 22nd and agreed to promote further cooperation between the two countries in the security field, becoming the fifth country to sign the agreement with Japan after the United States, Australia, Britain and France.

In fact, China and Canada do not intersect much. After that, Canada still apologized for the incidents that had occurred in China. To a certain extent, it won the goodwill of China. But now, the style has changed abruptly, successively in the South China Sea and Taiwan.The issue provoked China and it also signed a paramilitary mutual assistance agreement with Japan. Jianfeng pointed out that it was self-evident. So why can Canada suddenly jump so high? It may be related to the G7 meeting held recently. As everyone knows, this is an economic group made up of so-called developed countries, and Russia bluntly states that it is the United States' "social friendship society." The Cold War mentality of this organization is very serious. It likes to pull together to help schools and points to the affairs of other countries, saying three things. Road four. The G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting held in Canada recently issued a joint communiqué. Under the guise of international law, the issue of the East China Sea and the South China Sea has been scrutinized and the Chinese human rights situation has been criticized. A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded by saying that China firmly opposes this kind of disregard of facts and irresponsible words and deeds.

Therefore, Canada is most likely to be contaminated by this bad habit, or they are rooted in snakes and rats, and they have become irritating to the developing countries. Regarding Canada’s improper words and deeds, the Chinese Embassy in Canada refuted it at the first time. The embassy spokesperson emphasized that Canada is not a party to the South China Sea issue. The relevant person does not understand the longitude and latitude of the South China Sea issue. He is irresponsible for blaming China for his respect for international law and defending the freedom of flight. He is trying to drag Canada down. Its purpose is simply to cast a shadow over the current smooth development of China-Canada relations. But this is futile and will eventually fail. Obviously, the criticism still left a little room for Canada, but on the Taiwan issue, it is absolutely not allowed to fly. This is even worse. It is hoped that Canada can maintain its independence and not go too far on the wrong road. China-Canada relations originally did not have many obstacles, and they should not make untimely moves. Unilateral actions to aggravate the bilateral relations between China and Canada. If so, All responsibility for Canada is borne by the Canadian side.

In the 21st century, cooperation and win-win are the only way out. Any self-restraint is destined to be abandoned by the times. The rapid development of China is not embraced but rejected and even maliciously blocked. It will only be lightly crushed by the wheel of history. We sincerely advise Canada not to associate itself with the individual forces that have moved against the historical trend and to become guilty of rape. Otherwise, they will definitely suffer a big loss and will pay a heavy price for it.

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