Before and after the foot visit to the United States, why Merkel and Macron's treatment so much difference

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Before and after the foot visit to the United States, why Merkel and Macron's treatment so much difference

2018-04-28 20:25:08 265 ℃

On the 27th, local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel travelled to the United States to hold talks with President Trump. This is Merkel's second visit to the White House. I remember the last time Merkel visited the White House. She and Trump “failed to shake hands” under the watchful eyes of the reporter and left him with an instant. Although Trump’s approach to greet Merkel was more friendly than last time, it still cannot be as “hot” as Macron. Similarly, when it comes to the Iranian nuclear issue and the long-term immunity of steel and aluminum tariffs, there are also differences. Why did Merkel not receive the same hospitality?

▲In March last year, Merkel asked Trump if he wanted to shake his hand. Trump Did not respond. Later, the White House claimed that Trump had not heard.

A separate meeting with a 20-minute flight in exchange for a 20-minute flight. Merkel is having a difficult answer.

Trends on Merkel's visit to Trump He showed a friendly attitude. Not only did he issue a special statement that "the talks are good for both countries," he also reiterated the friendly relations between the two countries after meeting with Merkel. However, at the joint press conference, Trump still complained "without blame" for the U.S. trade deficit with the European Union has reached $151 billion. In this regard, Merkel believes that Germany has cut its trade surplus with the United States, but also expressed its understanding that Trump said "not enough." For Germany, the end of this month coincided with the United States exempting Germany and the EU from the expiration of the import tariffs for steel and aluminum, which is even more of a headache. The visit to the United States was the last of Merkel’s efforts to obtain long-term immunity. Earlier, the "Wall Street Journal" and the German "Mirror" magazine have agreed that the White House will impose higher tariffs on EU steel and aluminum products. After a 20-minute separate meeting with Trump, there was no clear progress on this matter. Merkel told the media that Trump will make a decision.

In addition to complaining about the trade deficit, Trump once again put his criticism of NATO member states on the table - Trump believes that Germany should increase its military spending to 2% of the gross national product, and Merkel believes that increasing military spending is Germany's own responsibility. Trump's requested figure will not be realized until 2024. Like Mark Long's previous visit, Merkel and Trump also talked about the Iranian nuclear issue.They all want to persuade Trump not to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement, but like the steel and aluminum tariff exemption issue, Trump still did not give an accurate answer.

In the face of Trump, Merkel was wrong from the beginning

Macron long left the United States, and Merkel returned to visit the United States. He is also the leader of Europe's main country. This inevitably makes comparisons between the two visits. The private meeting between Merkel and Trump was in stark contrast to the treatment received by Macron. The 21-gun salute, state banquet, and opera performance did not enjoy Merkel. There are also differences, and Trump treats Macron with much more probation, and the meeting is filled with handshakes and kisses. Click to view "Trump and Macron interact with each other, handshaking and kissing can't stop."

Either Macron or Merkel, they don't have much in common with Trump. Although recent critics believe that Macron’s and Trump’s ruling styles are somewhat similar, Macron’s won the election with a “centrist” political idea and globalism; Merkel, however, is a defender. Conservatives of liberal values. In the face of Trump, why did Merkel suffer a cold encounter? The Washington Post summarizes the following major reasons.

Macron's view that isolating Trump in international politics will not play any role. It may backfire. But Merkel took the wrong path from the beginning. After Trump won the election in 2016, Merkel immediately dropped a list as a precondition for the cooperation of virtue - democracy, freedom, respect for the rule of law, and human dignity. Regardless of color, beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or political opinion. In the case of Macron, occasionally referred to as "The Trump Honey Talker," this kind of teaching Trump may destroy the free world order he wants to defend. Nicholas Duncan, a senior researcher at the Institute of International Relations and Strategic Studies (IRIS) in France, believes that Macron’s own strong sense of reality tells him that if Trump does not stop, he will have more roundabouts on a global scale. Room.

Compared to Merkel, Macron is also more capable of quelling Trump's anger over Europe's reluctance to deploy military power. inMerkel’s Germany, anti-warism is rooted in its modern political genes. However, France is willing to form an alliance with Britain and the United States to attack Syria on the ground of "chemical weapons." At the same time, the Social Democratic Party, currently in governing coalition with Merkel, has a strong dissatisfaction with Trump, claiming that Trump is a "threat" and that Merkel will not be too good with Trump in the face of allies. In addition, Macron was more popular and related to his gender. After all, neither Merkel nor Mei Yong will play golf with Trump like Abe, nor will he invite Trump to go for a military parade like Maxon.