Trump’s insistence on obedience has finally made Europe understand that it is necessary to control the fate of Europe in its own hands.

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Trump’s insistence on obedience has finally made Europe understand that it is necessary to control the fate of Europe in its own hands.

2018-05-11 00:25:34 240 ℃

author: Dehua

opened in May 9 "Charlemagne Prize" (Karlspreis) award ceremony In the speech, the German Chancellor made a turn. She said that Europe can no longer count on the United States to defend itself and must rely on itself.” She also said: “We should do something.

The German Charlemagne Award in Aachen this year was awarded to the French President Mark Long. This award honors the people who promoted European integration. German Chancellor Angela Merkel personally presented the prize. Words.

“Now it is time to rely on the United States to protect us,” Merkel said when French President Markon came to Aachen to receive the famous Charlemagne Prize. At the time of the award, he said, "Europe needs to keep its own destiny in its own hands. This is the task of the future. Her speech received warm applause.

The German "Le Monde" quoted her as saying that Europe must "work together and speak in one voice," "but Let us be honest: Europe is still at the initial stage of its common foreign policy.

After speaking at Merkel, McClone said: "We should not wait. We must act immediately." Let us not be weak,” added French President Mark Long.

U.S. President Trump issued a statement at the White House announcing his withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear agreement and claiming to talk about a “ The new "European countries are all trying hard to make Trump stay in Iran's nuclear agreement. French President Mark Long and German Chancellor Angela Merkel also went to the United States for this matter. Trump is still new to the old account, Putting a country’s promise into the rubbish dump not only hurt Iran’s heart but also hurt German and French.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May jointly issued a statement expressing their regrets and concerns about Trump's decision to withdraw from the agreement. "We jointly emphasize that we will continue to maintain this agreement." This agreement still has great significance for regional security.

After Trump waved the tariff, it not only harmed China, but also hurt former ally Britain, France and Germany. This time Trump withdrew from the Iranian nuclear agreement and put Europe in a dilemma.

If Europe follows Trump buttocks and imposes the highest-rated economic sanctions on Iran, then European companies need to close Iran-related contracts within 180 days. If Trump is not the only leader, it faces a huge fine from the United States. The tens of billions of dollars of contracts signed between Europe and Iran are in danger of being suspended. Merkel then felt something.

Merkel also issued a similar statement last year urging Europe to reduce its dependence on its transatlantic allies. “The time when we are totally dependent on others has passed.” One day after attending the G7 Italian Summit, she said to a group of people: “I have experienced such things in the past few days.” p>

The German Chancellor won his fourth term earlier this year. She reiterated that Europeans "must really take our destiny in their own hands. Of course, friendship with the United States and friendship with Britain are also very important. But as far as possible, Europe and Russia and other countries maintain good-neighborly and friendly relations. It's just as important.”

She also said that countries within the EU must know that “we must fight for our future and the destiny of Europeans.”

Trump’s bent on oblivion finally made Europe understand that Americans are unreliable and that Americans’ “little followers” ​​have no way out. Europe must take its own path, and it is an inevitable choice to drift away from the United States.