As the war approached and the world was confused, the US and China quietly changed their roles.

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As the war approached and the world was confused, the US and China quietly changed their roles.

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In this year, the owner of the group was not doing well and the United States retreated.

The war is approaching and the world is confused. What is wrong with this? The boss is no longer like the boss. China and the United States seem to have changed quietly. The role of .

Trump has always been interested and has been fighting. Fighting with Russia is a joy, and fighting with China is a joy, and fighting with Iran is more infinite...

There is a series of objects behind the fight. .

The repeated plea from the European countries, Russia and Iran’s various warnings, he was completely unmoved and he signed back out of Iran’s nuclear agreement without turning back.

He still did not forget to display the text to the camera lens, and he refused to see anything. You see, I did it.

This scene is very familiar.

He took out the TPP with a big swipe and signed on the first day of his last year. At that time, he also glanced at the close relatives and specifically directed the text. The camera showed it and said: What we have just done is a great thing for American workers.

A year has passed and he has done one more "great" thing. Although the cronies around us have changed more than half, everyoneAll have witnessed this great characteristic of Trump: anyway, without a word, let go and control what you are.

The United States withdrew from the TPP, leaving Japan and other small partners to stand dumbfounded.

The United States withdrew from the Paris agreement, making Europe more angry than Trump's life and death.

The United States withdrew from UNESCO, UN officials lamented that he did not represent the American people.

The U.S. has also withdrawn from Iran’s nuclear agreement. A bloody storm is brewing in the Middle East...

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President Trump has become the president of “special four retirement”. Before the election, his most famous slogan was "You were fired"; now, his most famous practice seems to have become "I retired" .

He never gave up a reason. The last time he withdrew from UNESCO, the United States cited three points of dissatisfaction:

Firstly, dues are increasing (I Just want to replenish);

Second, the reform did not progress (no one listened to);< /p>

Thirdly, there is discrimination against Israel (supposedly so bullying my younger brother).

So, Trump was worried and the United States quit.

This time, he also did not pick Iran did not abide by the nuclear agreement, but said that this nuclear agreement itself is toxic, the United States would like to tear up!


The decade of international community’s success has destroyed it!


Say what he did, this is Trump's style, what does he manage? Flooding day!

From this point of view, Trump is actually more than 99% of politicians: He has no language for election because of his promise during the campaign Basically, all have been cashed in.

Although it’s too hard to eat.

When Trump withdrew from UNESCO, the international community was upset. The United States is really bullish and the debt level is really high.

But tearing up the Iranian nuclear agreement is not a matter of reliance on point books. It really concerns war and peace!

It is with this agreement that Iran solemnly promised to abandon the development of nuclear weapons; the West has also relaxed its sanctions against Iran, and many companies have signed many agreements.

The agreement was signed in black and white and signed by major foreign ministers, including Wang Yi’s Chinese.

The United States said that torn up to tear, where is the spirit of contract?

Retreating ten thousand steps, even if Iran really agreed to the United States and signed Trump's more harsh conditions, but what day is Trump not happy, and then how to do it?

With this insult, Iran may have no choice but to seek to create nuclear weapons.

This will be a disaster in the Middle East. If Iran possesses nuclear weapons, rival countries such as Saudi Arabia will be unable to eat. They will certainly seek nuclear weapons. Everyone starts a nuclear race,What would be the consequences of this type of gunpowder barrel in the East, and various militants, if they all possessed nuclear weapons?

Sometimes afraid to think.

Trump might have opened a Pandora's Box. "Washington Post" said: "Trump's decision will bring a new crisis."

Of course, Trump Now it is very strong. Now that we have withdrawn from the nuclear agreement, we can let go of our work and impose extreme economic sanctions on Iran. We do not even rule out joint Israel and launch a war machine to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities.

After all, the object is Iran. As a major power in the Middle East, is it really a vegetarian? Don’t forget that Iran has military power in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen. One Iraq, one Afghanistan, and the United States did not really get it at all. It even fell into a quagmire. Did Trump really handle Iran?

Europe is angry and headaches. They lifted the sanctions and many companies also signed large orders with Iran. Now that Trump has smashed the agreement, European companies are likely to face ZTE's problems under US law. How to do?

A war is imminent, and even nuclear races and nuclear wars are not impossible.

The Iran nuclear agreement has the ultimate goal of avoiding the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Trump thinks that he can disarm nuclear weapons once and for all. Only his reckless move may lead to the opposite result. The war is really getting closer.


Trump came to power, and more than a year later, he felt that he had completed the mess The mission of the world.

It's really a resentment.


Although it is a friendly neighboring country like Canada and Mexico, he has had a fight with Trump.

Europe, France, Germany, and other European powers are even more angry. It's no wonder that Merkel wants to say: Europe can only rely on itself.

Even if Japan and South Korea are very tight, there are too many displeasures. Trump is too strong to rip up, otherwise the recent cooperation between China, Japan and South Korea will not be so Eager.

Of course, there are Russia, China, and all kinds of roar.

However, Trump would be happy to have a boxing punch and the whole world would say hello. However, several battlefields have been difficult at the same time. He is likely to have made a historic mistake.

U.S. hard power is the best in the world, but can it withstand such torment?

The soft power that the United States once was proud of is even faster. More and more countries feel that Trump is doing this now, and that the United States has become a troublemaker, but rather China, more and more like a big brother.

This is a glimpse of the following sentences.

Trump said: From today, only the United States will be number one.

Chinese leaders said: The world is good, China can be good, China is good, the world is better.

Trump said: A country exists to serve its citizens, buy American goods, and hire Americans.

China’s leaders said: China wants to share prosperity with the rest of the world, and welcomes other countries to take the "express trains" and "ride cars" for the development of China.

This is some of the key points of the first-hand speech between China and the US in the past year. It's really interesting. It's very time-spaced and it makes many observers confused.

The democracy, freedom, and human rights that the original US president must talk about have all disappeared. His recent series of retreats more fully illustrates his anger over the world. He seems to have alsoDo not want to be a world leader, but it is like a US rebel faction has rushed into the White House.

But what did the Chinese leaders always talk about? Globalization, World Peace, China Opportunity, International Poverty Alleviation, One Belt and One Road, Community of Human Destiny...

China is actively integrating into the international community and is actively working as a leader. The public goods of the Belt and Road have also been proposed; the United States has withdrawn from the group and withdrew from the group, saying: In this unjust world, I quit.

In the crucial period when China was approaching the center of the world stage, such a Trump was really a swan song.

Finally, there are a few small details.

Trump can't be said to have no ambitions, it could be him.Ambitious, too eager to make achievements .

So it was a few days ago when the text praised him that Trump should take the Nobel Prize. We only need peace. Trump couldn't hide his heart and praised him and said, "I think it's very good for Wen Hao." "The words are so polite. I'm grateful."

What Trump's most despised was Obama. He seemed to be obsessed with the Olympics. Nobel Prize for Obama, Trump can not get it?

Trumper’s careful thought, his supporters knew better. At a subsequent political rally, these people shouted "Nobel" under the stage.

Trump stopped talking, smiled and stood, then said: "Great, thank you. Nobel, that's great."

How can I take it? So he let go of his hands and feet, and he wanted to do it, completely out of the rules.

He self-describedWith the "art of trading", extreme pressure will surely allow the other party to succumb to the United States, then try to fish in troubled waters and sign an alliance under the city.

But in many countries’ view, the United States is too selfish to do this, what rules and regulations are not respected, and white and black characters can be torn apart. Completely an unreliable object of negotiation.

Big brother also wants to talk about rules and regulations. On the face of it, Trump may indeed be able to earn some sweetness, but this is more like a concentrated release of the peak strength of the United States. After the release, the authority of the United States is almost over.

This world has really changed.

Trump, do your best, anyway. It's just over a year now. You have at least two more years to go!