Putin finally broke out! It’s just a good time to start a counterattack against the United States.

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Putin finally broke out! It’s just a good time to start a counterattack against the United States.

2018-06-08 00:25:24 200 ℃

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put up with the West for so many years, the Russian finally broke out!

On June 4, according to the Global Network report, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a bill specifically designed to deal with the United States and its allies - "On influencing (restraining) the unfriendly behavior of the United States and other countries." The Law of Measures, when Russia is subjected to unfriendly acts such as sanctions imposed by the United States and other countries, the President has the power to prohibit the import of goods from non-friendly countries to Russia and also to cut off relations with unfriendly countries in order to defend national sovereignty.

Those who want to make the polar bears have to think twice before proceeding. Otherwise, they will probably face Russia’s vengeance for revenge. All along, the United States and other Western countries have never ceased to perform tricks on Russia. That year, under the sweet talk of Western countries, Yeltsin was swept around and NATO even extended east to his doorstep. After Putin came to power, Russia no longer had illusions about the United States and other western countries. Instead, it adopted a relatively hard-line attitude. The pressure on the United States and Europe over Russia has also been escalating. In particular, the massive Ukrainian crisis pushed the two sides to a climax.

After seeing Russia forcibly take Crimea from Ukraine, the United States and its allies are rampant, condemning Russia for failing to abide by international rules and destroying other countries. The territorial integrity and political isolation of Russia, economic sanctions on Russia, military threats to Russia

As we all know, the Russian military is equal to the United States, is also a permanent member of the United Nations, but the economy has been weak . In the "combination boxing" played by Western countries, Russia is most uncomfortable than rounds of economic sanctions. In Russia, a large number of companies with vital economic lifelines have been watched by the West. Several hundred members of the Putin government have taken part in it. The "black list" did not even spare Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

In this regard, Russia also has only passive responses because the economies of the United States and the European Union far exceed the size of Russia. After the sanctions, the ruble fell sharply, supermarkets in large and small Moscow streets even lined up long queues, and the Russian economy quickly declined.

In fact, the cost of Russia’s outburst to the WestThe risk is also very high. The entire country is basically tightening its belts, but Russia has never been "soft". Putin made it clear that the Russian ship will continue to advance in the storm.

With the help of our country, Russia has endured a long cold winter. On the contrary, with the efforts of President Trump of the United States, Western countries have finally become a mess. In particular, on June 1st, Trump called a "trigger" for his brothers and announced that they would impose tariffs of 25% and 10% respectively on the steel and aluminum imported from the European Union, Canada, and Mexico. This is undoubtedly an awkward situation for the European countries that were not long ago with the United States. In the process of helping the United States to impose sanctions on Russia, the EU countries suffered a lot of economic losses. As a result, Trump has to “get good news”, which makes a lot of allies hurt!

In recent days, the EU has also begun to change its hard-line attitude towards Russia and has expressed its willingness to repair the relationship. Just at this time, Putin made a big move. The timing was just right. The American allies can really think about how to get along with the polar bear next time!

At this moment, the opportunity for Russia's breakthrough has finally come!

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