The only nuclear umbrella country in China suddenly fell completely to the United States: let us understand a reason

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The only nuclear umbrella country in China suddenly fell completely to the United States: let us understand a reason

2018-06-08 00:25:26 229 ℃

Soviet nuclear weapons were mainly deployed in three places during the Soviet Union. The most significant one was Russia, and the other three were Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

From the geographical point of view, Ukraine belongs to the front line and directly faces the NATO forces in Europe. It is also the main breakthrough direction of the Soviet Army in the southern line. Therefore, the Soviets have stored a large number of nuclear weapons and bombers here. However, after the 1990s, Ukraine became a country.

It is also economically very difficult. There is no money at all to safeguard the 4,000 nuclear bombs in Ukraine that were left behind in Ukraine, including 120 intercontinental missiles. There are also eight bomber bases. Moreover, this does not include the number of tactical nuclear weapons left behind in Ukraine, namely nuclear shells, nuclear anti-aircraft missiles, nuclear mines, and nuclear bombs.

In 1992, Ukraine officially decided to abandon all nuclear weapons and bombers. At that time, five countries had promised to Ukraine that they should nuclear weapons. Protection includes China, Russia, and the United States. The agreement at that time was: Commitment to use Ukrainians as non-nuclear-weapon states unconditionally or threaten to use nuclear weapons, and provide Ukraine with corresponding security guarantees in the event that Ukraine is exposed to the use of nuclear weapons or threatened by such aggression.

The content promises to be a "security guarantee", that is, an international arrangement for non-nuclear-weapon states to be free from nuclear aggression and nuclear threats, and to receive assistance in the event of such aggression and threats. Where "positive security assurances" refers to the non-nuclear-weapon States’ aggression and threats of using nuclear weapons, the international community, especially the nuclear-weapon States, provides them with assistance; "negative security assurances" means that nuclear-weapon States commit themselves to fail under any conditions or under certain conditions. Nuclear-weapon States use or threaten to use nuclear weapons.

Later, China has also had very much cooperation with Ukraine in conventional weapons. Such as the Varyag aircraft carrier, J-15 fighters, transport aircraft, engines, cruise missiles, and helicopter projects, as well as the An 225-type super transport aircraft project and so a lot of cooperation in weapons and equipment.

But after the Crimean incident, Ukraine quickly turned to the United States. At the same time, it began to receive U.S. military assistance. The U.S. Military Advisory Committee has also stationed in Ukraine to support Ukraine’s armed confrontation and war with Udon Thani and Russian forces in Udon Thani. Ukraine also began to fight for NATO membership. It is precisely in this situation that we once again become difficult for Ukraine to acquire military technology. This actually tells us that military core technology still needs to be developed by oneself and it is up to us to control it.