The Iranian nuclear crisis: Iran angered, Europe collapsed, and pleaded with the United States to put a road

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The Iranian nuclear crisis: Iran angered, Europe collapsed, and pleaded with the United States to put a road

2018-06-08 00:25:20 222 ℃

Recently, the Iranian nuclear agreement has been a noisy one. Non-stop, the situation is chaotic.

US-Iraq Warfare Has Become More Sharp

The United States has engaged in a big uproar. After the United States withdraws from the Iranian nuclear agreement, it will not only threaten Iran. "The most severe sanctions in history" also told European companies that they would not be able to continue to contact Iran. Otherwise, they would be sanctioned by the United States.

The Iranian side is angry at the sudden arrival of the United States: who do you think You Are? If you dare to sanction me, I will restart the nuclear activities.

No, foreign media reported that Iran’s Supreme Leader Khamenei has ordered Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization to Recover 190,000" SeparatedPreparation unit for uranium enrichment.

According to reports on Iranian national television on the 6th, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization began preparations for the Bushehr nuclear power. The factory supplies domestically produced nuclear fuel and prepares the infrastructure for the production of advanced centrifuges. According to reports, as Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, Iran is still committed to a nuclear agreement, but it cannot accept a nuclear disarmament agreement. This will not be renegotiated again.

< p style="text-align: center">U.S. will not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons

US Secretary of State Pompey Olima Retaliation: The United States realized that there were reports that Iran planned to increase its uranium enrichment capacity, but the United States would not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons.

The United States and Iran are not satisfied with who, who are not willing to bow their heads before the two countries Relationship is abnormal.

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European countries are injured



The situation in the United States and Iran has become increasingly severe. This can be a bit of a problem in Europe that is sandwiched between the United States and Iran.

European countries did not withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement with the United States and let the United States think: Oh, do you want to leave? Do not dare to listen to my words, let you taste my great financial sanctions. Before the United States put a word on sanctions against European companies, on Tuesday, the United States warned European countries not to engage in financial transactions with Iran.

In fact, Europe has been scared by the U.S. sanctions.

On the 4th, representatives of France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and the European Union sent a letter to the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the State Department requesting the United States to exempt. European companies entering the Iranian market. Europe pleads with the United States for the hope that European companies will continue to cooperate with Iran and maintain cooperative relations in such areas as medicine, health care, energy, civil aviation, infrastructure, and banking.

Europe requires the United States not to sanction European companies in Iran

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reported that in order to save the Iran nuclear agreement and protect EU enterprises in Iran, the European Union has already started the "blocking decree" and started Adopted an updated version of the European Investment Bank's external loan authorization. According to this decree, if the United States sanctions against other countries and EU companies, the companies involved do not have to comply with the US sanctions. The "blocking ordinance" of the European Union will take effect before August 6 to ensure that EU companies are immune from US sanctions.


However, even if the EU wrote this "supreme letter," it could not stop the panic of European companies.

Although previously The French Minister of Economic Affairs put it categorically, refusing to accept the role of the United States as a "global economic police." Europe is not the United States "owned country" and the EU must defend its own "economic sovereignty" with Iran.But now some European companies are ready to withdraw from cooperation with Iran.

The Danish shipping giant Maersk, the French energy company Total and the German insurance company Allianz have announced that if they cannot The U.S. sanctions will be withdrawn from Iran.On the 4th, France’s largest automaker’s trademark to the Citroën Group also announced that due to pressure from the U.S. sanctions on Iran, the Group has initiated procedures to suspend its joint venture car companies from launching in the Iranian market. Business.

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France's PSA Peugeot Citroen Automobile Manufacturers Stop Trading with Iran

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Israeli to come to a scuffle< /p>

When European countries are persuaded hard to persuade the United States to give up sanctions against European companies, there is a country that has stirred up ,European countries are even more upset.

This country is Israel, Israel keeps up with the rhythm of the United States, to spoil.

On June 4, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu began his visit to Europe. The purpose of this trip was to persuade Britain, France and Germany. Abandoning the Iranian nuclear agreement, but the results of this visit made Netanyahu very jealous.

Neta Nyahu first went to Germany, and Merkel said that he would not give up the Iranian nuclear agreement, and in France, Macron also stated that, on the basis of safeguarding the original agreement, it should be based on the situation after 2025, ballistic missile issues, and Iran’s The Middle East’s military presence and other aspects have been added to the United Kingdom, and Teresa May also stated that Britain will “firmly abide by” the Iran nuclear agreement “Common Comprehensive Action Plan” and stressed that the Iranian nuclear agreement is the best way to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons. .


Nettani Hu's ambiguity was a waste of his mind and he never touched his nose. It could even make the relationship between Israel and Europe farther and farther.

At present, the speed of the Iranian nuclear crisis has intensified. In the face of Iran’s anger and the United States’ tough threat, the middle part of Europe is very hurt, and in the end it may not be as good as the two ends.


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