Are there big powers involved in the Syrian civil war? The strength is not the United States and Russia once the shot is more stable!

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Are there big powers involved in the Syrian civil war? The strength is not the United States and Russia once the shot is more stable!

2018-08-05 10:25:02 103 ℃

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The Syrian civil war has reached its most critical moment. In order to support the actions of the government forces, Russia and Iran have paid a great price, and the war will continue to be delayed. Before this, there have been rumors that China may participate in the Syrian civil war, but in addition to participating in the Syrian reconstruction work, the Chinese government has always denied the military action; but recently the foreign media reported the Chinese station The Syrian ambassador’s statement has sparked outside attention.

According to the Russian satellite news agency, the Chinese ambassador to Syria recently said that the PLA may deploy troops soon. Assisting the Syrian army in the upcoming Idlib offensive.

The report said that the Chinese ambassador recently told the Syrian media Al-Watan that China is closely watching the conflict and said that the PLA is willing to participate with the Syrian army.

However, the Syrian Foreign Ministry official said that I don’t know that China has military involvement, but if China is willing to participate, Syria will welcome it.

A military expert said that China’s assistance to the Syrian government in combating extremist organizations is understandable. On the one hand, China is not an interest. On the other hand, this is also an important manifestation of China’s determination to maintain world peace.

But this is not the first time that similar rumors have appeared. As early as November 28, 2017, Russia released a message on the official social media platform of the Syrian garrison that the PLA plans to send special forces to participate in the attack. The extremist organization in Syria, but the news was denied by the Chinese ambassador.

If the news of Chinese military participation in Syria is true, then it will be a good for Assad. News: After all, the PLA has the world's first-class combat capability, and its firepower strike capability is no less than that of the Russian army. If there is such a reinforcement, the Syrian government forces will be confident; after China’s participation in the Syrian war Reconstruction work, thanks to China's strong infrastructure construction capabilities, the rapid recovery of facilities in many war-torn areas, the restoration of electricity, transportation, and water supply systems, the reopening of schools and hospitals, and the restoration of people's lives.

However, the authenticity of this news remains to be further observed. China’s participation in the post-war reconstruction of Syria is already a great help to Assad Mo, and quickly restored order after the war. It can be said that Assad The best achievements and the way to win people's hearts; such achievements are often more effective than military victory.

For China, there are indeed quite a few netizens who hope to see the PLA’s first-line battlefield against extremist organizations. In addition, although China’s weapons and equipment have already participated in similar battles, such as the Iraqi government’s Rainbow-4 drone has become an effective weapon against extremist organizations!