After China’s 60 billion counterattacks, the White House director’s response came!

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After China’s 60 billion counterattacks, the White House director’s response came!

2018-08-05 10:25:08 126 ℃

The White House National Economic Council Director, after China announced on Friday that it will impose tariffs on $60 billion of US exports to China Kudlow threatened Beijing not to underestimate President Trump’s determination. Kudlow said China’s $60 billion is a weaker response than the US’s plan to tax China’s $200 billion.

Kudelu also claims that China’s economy is weak and the currency is weak People are leaving that country. What he means is that China can't afford a trade war, and the United States has the determination and ability to fight the trade war for a long time and to upgrade it. Kudlow also admitted that there are still many ways for China to harm American companies doing business in China.

Data Map: Kudlow, Director of the White House National Economic Council

Kudlo's tone It is an economy like Japan and even South Korea and Mexico, and China is the absolute largest buyer of global soybeans. The absolute largest sales market for automobiles and communication products is the fastest-growing country in the Internet economy. The Chinese market is dominated by the future of many large American companies and American farmers.

The interdependence of the Sino-US economy is as unbalanced as the data gap between 200 billion and 60 billion. These two figures can only reflect that Washington has been mad at trade issues, while China remains rational. The US is restless and wants to do its best, and China is ready to fight it.

It’s ridiculous that the US economy has just achieved a 4.1% increase in a quarter, and Kudlow is ridiculed for China. In the first half of the year, 6.8%, the Trump government desperately screwed the towel, squeezed the sponge, and exhausted the taxable and other methods, only to get a short-term score of 4.1%. Almost all scholars believe that this growth rate is not sustainable, and that the long-term economic growth cycle of the United States is at the end, and the growth rate of more than 6% in China is suppressed. It is already the bottom of the Chinese economy.

The reform and opening up has already mobilized China’s economic growth machinery. China’s huge market potential is the biggest fuel for the country’s economic growth and the biggest source of global economic growth. The era of China’s economic growth that relies heavily on exports is slowly ending.

Looking ahead, the US economy’s dependence on the Chinese market will exceed the Chinese economy’s dependence on the US market. I am afraid that the American elite, including Mr. Kudlow, is also well aware. The big trend.

The trade war will bring temporary difficulties and pains. In the first wave of conflicts between China and the United States, China’s pressure is likely to be even greater. However, we have full confidence that as long as we withstand the first wave of the US's momentum and enter the stage of stalemate, China's strong trade strength, institutional advantages and social cohesion will gradually be released, forming a comprehensive resilience that will shock the US.

Kudlow warned China not to underestimate President Trump’s determination, we think he should just take this warning Trump and their team said: Do not underestimate the determination of Chinese society to carry out the trade war against the United States.

The Chinese really don’t want to fight trade wars, but if we look at the arrogant and unreasonable demands of the US on China, we will know that this is the economic sovereignty of the United States to attack China. It must be like a square agreement. Like the Japanese economy, the Chinese economy has been defeated and China has become an economic vassal of the United States.

We understand that this is a defense battle for China's development rights. At such a height, we are not afraid to sacrifice some immediate interests. What makes the Chinese happy is that the US will suffer losses with us. This is not an air strike that the US can "zero casualties." This is the mutual consumption of the whole people by the United States for almost the same price.

In the history, the United States has dragged it into a quagmire from the arrogance of many foreign campaigns. This time, Washington’s arrogance has targeted a big country. When the outside world thought they were playing the "art of trading" and playing tricks, the White House actually thought that it would be able to suppress the giants like China. They brushed out the most arrogant arrogance in the history of the country when the United States was relatively incompetent.

We have time to play with this US government. History also has time to watch its jokes.

This article is a Global Times editorial that Kudlow should warn colleagues rather than threaten China