Chinese students were taken off the plane by American Airlines. They were told that "the plane can't fit your piano."

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Chinese students were taken off the plane by American Airlines. They were told that "the plane can't fit your piano."

2018-08-05 20:25:07 92 ℃

According to foreign media reports, Chinese female student Hu Jingjing (hereinafter referred to as transliteration) attending DePaul University in Chicago recently boarded American Airlines. The company's flight, from Chicago to Miami, in order to ensure that the cello is "unscathed," she not only bought a ticket for Qindo, but also confirmed that it was in compliance with the regulations, but before the departure flight on August 2, the flight attendant However, she was forced to take off the plane with the piano on the grounds that "the plane was too small to fit your piano."

Hu Jingjing then wanted to take the next flight to Chicago, and was once again rejected by American Airlines on the grounds that "the next flight is still too small to fit the cello." American Airlines also called three. Airport police. Hu Jingjing was forced to change to another flight, and a policeman "accompanyed" to a hotel near the airport. Hu Jingjing said "very afraid, helpless."

Hu Jingjing’s husband, Jay Tang, said on the 4th that his wife couldn’t help but cry when she returned to Chicago airport. Tang Jie said that before the day of boarding, there were many American airlines. The second chance can tell that "the cello can't board the plane", why did she wait for the last minute to get her off the plane.

In response to this American Airlines, "We will conduct an in-depth investigation." American Airlines also issued a statement afterwards that it was "bad communication" that led to the incident. American Airlines had apologized to Hu Jingjing and arranged for her to take a 3-day flight back to Chicago. American Airlines mentioned that the customer service would contact her directly.

Tang Jie said that as of the evening of the 4th, no American Airlines personnel had contacted them.

After checking the Federal Aviation Administration, musicians are allowed to bring large instruments such as cellos to board the plane as long as they purchase tickets for the instrument.

The American Airlines website’s boarding rules for large instruments are: As long as the instrument weighs no more than 165 pounds (about 75 kilograms) and meets the seat size standards of the flight, you can board the plane. Hu Jingjing's cello weighs only about 10 pounds, and the violin case is also about 20 pounds, far below the standard.

American Airlines said, "The 737 passenger plane that Hu Jingjing took is not allowed to board the cello, and the aircraft is also 737." So, unfortunately, she had to arrange for her to return to Chicago on the 767 passenger plane the next day."

But the documents that American Airlines gave to her after Hu Jingjing’s flight showed that American Airlines’ boarding is prohibitive than the average person. The bass cello, while the cello is allowed to board the plane, in addition, there is no regulation on the company's website that lists the 737 flight not allowed to board the cello.