The Venezuelan president was bombed by soldiers and fled, live video exposure

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The Venezuelan president was bombed by soldiers and fled, live video exposure

2018-08-05 20:25:11 101 ℃

According to the "Daily Mail" report, on August 4, local time, Venezuelan President Maduro suffered a bomb attack during a national live speech. Under the escort of bodyguards, Maduro has safely evacuated from the scene. The video shows that when the explosion occurred, the soldiers arranged neatly under the podium fled and the scene was very chaotic.

The following is a live video:

The explosion took place at 5:41 pm on August 4, when Maduro participated in the event in the capital Galaska to celebrate the 81st anniversary of the National Guard. Maduro gave a speech on the podium, surrounded by his wife Celia Flores and a number of government officials.

This speech was broadcast live on national television. When Maduro said that "the moment of economic recovery has arrived, we need...", suddenly two explosions came.

It can be seen from the live broadcast that Maduro looked up and stopped talking, and the wife around him made a gesture of shrinking, which seemed to be frightened.

After the explosion, The on-site bodyguard escorted Maduro to leave. The neat soldiers who had been arranged in the audience began to flee and were busy.

Venezuela Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez said: "President Maduro is very safe and unharmed, but seven people were injured in the attack. The investigation clearly shows that these explosions From a drone device carrying explosives."

It is reported that the bombing was a "assassination" against Maduro, and the bomb may be a A drone filled with C-4 explosives is placed.