Foreign media: If Russia and China abandon the dollar, the dollar will start to collapse.

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Foreign media: If Russia and China abandon the dollar, the dollar will start to collapse.

2018-09-13 00:25:08 147 ℃

Compile: Wang Dehua

The United States imposes sanctions on other countries because the economic base is that the US dollar is the world settlement. currency. The most obvious is that the United States has withdrawn from the Iranian nuclear agreement and imposed sanctions on all companies that do business with Iran.

"Russia Today" published on the 12th that the dominant position of the US dollar is threatened by the Sino-Russian alliance because the United States abuses this privilege. If Russia and China leave the dollar, the dollar will begin to collapse.

The translation is as follows:

The Russian Today host Max Kaiser said that the relationship between Moscow and Beijing is consolidating A new multi-polar world with increased bilateral trade, diversified currency centers and diverse power centers.

He said that the new Russian-Chinese alliance cannot be accepted by the United States in the military, which means that "the dollar is in serious danger of losing the status of the world reserve currency."

Cather said that the US government "is very radical in defending its currency and tends to bomb any country that tries to ignore the dollar." He also said that if Russia and China abandoned it, The dollar will start to collapse.

"So, this is a brand new century, we have a new multi-polar world, if the United States wants to participate or be excluded, we must start dancing in different ways. "

Cather explained that the dollar benefited from the chaos in emerging markets in Argentina, Venezuela and South Africa.

"The dollar has been a safe haven for some time, but once this trend reaches its peak, you will see this from a money market perspective. A broader geopolitical picture. You will see Russia and China coming together and they will be able to ignore the dollar.”

Cather stressed that the United States currently manages the world economy. In terms of ability, this will be “a net negative impact on the United States, which may force Washington to change some behaviors and reduce its militaristic policies when dealing with the rest of the world.”

Caisell takes China’s activities in the African Union and other places as an example. While establishing a military base in the United States, the Chinese government has been providing development funds for many years.

He said: "Therefore, the United States has lost its way in Africa in many ways, and China has won many friends there because they travel to Africa through trade and infrastructure projects. With the help of Russia, China is building a new huge Silk Road across Eurasia."