India’s stolen gold lunch box was found, and it was...

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India’s stolen gold lunch box was found, and it was...

2018-09-13 00:25:08 109 ℃

Indian police said on September 11 that they had captured two thieves who had stolen Indian royal gold ornaments. The gold lunch box used by the Indian prince has been recovered, and the lost rubies and gold teacups, gold saucers and golden teaspoons have also been found. According to the Indian police, the thieves who steal the gold jewelry are only interested in selling their hands. The two thieves also used a stolen gold lunch box to eat a meal.

▲Indian police showcased the stolen gold lunch box

The value of 700 The $10,000 (£5.4 million) item used to belong to Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam (King) in Hyderabad, India, who said he was once the richest man in the world. According to reports, the treasures were previously displayed in a museum remodeled in the royal palace of the Kingdom of Hyderabad, which was opened to the public in 2000. On September 3, a group of thieves broke into the museum and stole the diamond-set lunch box, ruby, gold teacup, gold tea saucer and golden teaspoon made of gold. These items weighed 3 kilograms.

▲The stolen gold lunch box

According to Indian police, the two thieves came from Hyderabad, the southern city of India. After the theft on September 3, the two men fled to the western city of Mumbai, hoping to find buyers of the stolen goods there. They spent a few days of "life" at a local five-star hotel. However, due to a large-scale raid by the Indian police, they were unable to find the buyer and returned to Hyderabad. Since the thief destroyed 32 cameras in the museum at the time of the incident, no images were recorded. Fortunately, the camera on a motorcycle near the palace found the characteristics of the motorcycle driven by the thief, and then found the two thieves.

▲Indian National Cuisine "Curry"

According to the report, the police found that when they were hiding in a luxury hotel in Mumbai, they used their golden lunch boxes to eat their lunch and enjoyed the life of an Indian prince. However, it is clear that the price of this meal is a bit large. I don’t know if they will miss the beautiful afternoon of eating in a five-star hotel with a gold lunch box.

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