France and the Netherlands are crowded on a small island. Why do you have to repair two airports?

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France and the Netherlands are crowded on a small island. Why do you have to repair two airports?

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Let me talk about two things that don't matter.

France and Brazil have borders in South America, which is bordered by French Guiana and Brazil. Because France is the official territory of France, France and Brazil have borders. Another thing that doesn't matter, France and European countries have borders in North America.

Is it unexpected? When you think of France and the Netherlands as European colonial powers, it is not unusual for such a thing.

The "North American border" between France and the Netherlands, on a small island called St. Martin.

Sint Maarten is a small area of ​​86 square kilometers. It is “squeezed in the middle of the small islands of the Caribbean Islands. It is a place that can't be found without a magnifying glass. The map zooms in and you will find Anguilla, about 10 km south of Anguilla, which is Sint Maarten.

According to the West, there is no "history" in Sint Maarten, and it is the Europeans who "discovered" Sint Maarten. The first to come here is the European navigator on behalf of Columbus, who "discovered" St. Maarten in 1493 AD. On behalf of Spain, Columbus announced that Sint Maarten became a site in Spain, but Spain was too wide at the time to be a desert island that was not much bigger than an egg.

You don't want to, naturally someone wants. France has taken a fancy to St. Maarten because France wants to occupy all the islands of the Caribbean. The Netherlands is not so ambitious. They only want to occupy the Dutch Guiana (Suriname) near North America and South America. And St. Maarten is just right between the two, it is a very suitable midway supply station. In 1631, the Dutch East India Company went to St. Maarten and began to do the "salt mine business."

France and the Netherlands sang in the Sint Maarten island, and some regrets in Spain. Such an important site, Lao Tzu does not want to. The Spanish Navy is strong, and it takes a lot of effort to play the Netherlands and France with a swollen face and play.

In 1633, Spain took control of Sint Maarten and asked all non-Hispanics on the island to roll out. Of course, the Netherlands did not do it, and began to make trouble with Spain, from Europe to the Caribbean. At the time, the Netherlands was also called Netherland, and he was still playing in Spain, and he wanted to stand on his own feet under Spanish rule. After the 80-year war, Spain has not played in the Netherlands. In 1648, the Netherlands was declared to be self-reliant. For Sint Maarten, Spain also regards it as a chicken rib. Anyway, Spain is the largest in Latin America. Without this "egg", it is allowed to play in the Netherlands.

The Netherlands wants to swallow the cake, France does not do it, and squats on the island, throwing rotten tomatoes and stinky with the Netherlands. egg. If you don't get it, you should also wipe a shit on your cake. The Netherlands is a small country. It is difficult to get through the violentness of the big French, and it will take a few breaks. France can't drive all the Dutch out of Sint Maarten. If the two countries think about it, no one can eat it. Then take half of it.

Only half of it, the Netherlands is very satisfied, but the French ambition is too big, want to get more area. French warships began to harass the Netherlands and asked the Netherlands to make more concessions. The Netherlands did not want to suffer, while playing with France and arguing at the negotiating table. After more than a dozen rounds, France is still much cheaper. In 1816, the two countries basically defined the dividing line on Sint Maarten: France occupies most of the north, with an area of ​​52 square kilometers, and the Netherlands occupies a small part of the south, covering an area of ​​34 square kilometers.

France has several large islands in the Caribbean Islands, such as Guadeloupe and Martinique, alone. It seems that it is not worthwhile to have a colony of Sint Maarten. France has assigned French Sint Maarten to the jurisdiction of the province of Guadeloupe. In 2007, Sint Maarten was no longer part of Guadeloupe and became the administrative district of Saint Martin alone.

There are very few Dutch colonies. Of course, take St. Maarten (South) as a treasure and build St. Martin (South) like a garden. Especially the capital of Philipsburg, has become the back garden of the Netherlands, beautiful and dizzying.

Don't look at the Dutch area is smaller than the French area, but the population is larger than the French area. The population of the Netherlands is more than 40,000, and the population of the French district is only 36,000. The strength of the Netherlands on the island is even stronger. On the western coast of the Dutch island of Sao Ma, Princess Juliana International Airport, the largest airport in Sint Maarten, was built. However, the French district does not use this airport. why? Face problem.

France is one of the world's five permanent, old colonial powers, if you use the small country of the Netherlands airport, too much price. France would rather spend more money, and can't lose face on the rivers and lakes, let alone France lacks money?

France built Grand Case Airport in the northern part of Sint Maarten. Don't worry about how many planes landed at Grand Case Airport. Can the country's face problems be measured by money? It’s just that a plane doesn’t come, it’s all tractors, three scorpions, and it’s repaired!