British "Elisabeth" carrier sailor lost adult in the United States

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British "Elisabeth" carrier sailor lost adult in the United States

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Not long ago, the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that six were from the Royal British Navy "Queen Elizabeth" The sailors of the aircraft carrier were arrested by local police in Florida, for allegations of drunkenness, misconduct, and arrests. The British Ministry of Defence and the Navy also confirmed the incident. A few days ago, the British "Portsmouth Evening News" obtained some relevant documents from the Florida police in the United States about the arrest, revealing the reasons for the arrest of the Royal Navy sailors and some of the scenes at the time.

According to the British "Portsmouth Evening News" report, according to the arrest report obtained by the newspaper from the Jacksonville City police, the six arrested sailors were between the ages of 19 and 28, they The time of arrest was on Thursday (6th) local time, and the location was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida. The Portsmouth Evening News also received photos of six sailors, from left to right, Reveld, Gregory, Edwards, Steven Gorey, and Jamie Lutas. Matthew Kotham.

Reveld’s arrest report

According to the arrest report The content shows that a total of two sailors were used by the police to use the Taser uniforms because they refused to arrest. They were 21-year-old Edwards and 28-year-old Reveder. Reveld came from Gosport, Hampshire, England. When the police arrived at the scene, he saw Reveld yelling and pushing another person with his hand. When the police approached Reveld, Reveld continued to yell and took a radical gesture, seeming to fight with the man he was pushed. After the police separated the two, they showed Reveld the identity of their policeman and repeatedly tried to ask them to follow the police's command, but eventually failed. Subsequently, a police officer used his tassel gun to shoot his right thigh and subdued him. He was accused of being drunk and disorderly and non-violently arrested. And Edwards was arrested for allegations of fighting and non-violent refusal. According to police reports, when the police arrived at the scene, Edwards saw the fist with his right hand hit a person’s face, and the police immediately used Thai. The gun was arrested after he was subdued.

Gregory’s arrest report

22-year-old Cotham and 19-year-old Gray The reason why Gori was arrested was to receive drunken and disorderly accusations. According to police reports, when the police approached Gregory, he was screaming and preparing to send him to the bus connection point to return to the ship's peers and lay on the road. The police asked him to get up and leave the road, but he refused. He was later told that he would be arrested if he did not leave the road. In the end, he was handcuffed by the police and taken off the road.

Steven Gurry’s arrest report

from Steven Gurry of Manchester Radcliffe was arrested for violating property outside a bar. At that time, a security guard outside the Irishville Lynch Irish Bar alerted the police that he had repeatedly asked Steven Gerry to leave the bar, but he was rejected by him. The police escorted him to the scene and told him to go to the pick-up point to take the bus back to the ship, but he then returned to the Lynch Irish Bar to prepare to enter the bar. In the case of the police repeatedly trying to tell him to leave and was rejected, he Arrested. The exact reason for the arrest of Jamie Lutas is unclear because the Portsmouth Evening News failed to obtain his arrest report.

According to the Jacksonville, Florida police, the six arrested sailors were eventually taken to the Duval County Prison because the police failed to contact the Queen Elizabeth carrier.

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