Hillary issued a wrath against Trump's five major crimes, calling on Americans to save the democratic crisis

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Hillary issued a wrath against Trump's five major crimes, calling on Americans to save the democratic crisis

2018-09-18 00:25:08 139 ℃

According to the Washington Post, former US Secretary of State and former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton recently published a column in The Atlantic, criticizing US President Donald Trump.

The former presidential candidate lost to Donald Trump in the November 2016 election, despite winning the general election. She has said that Americans should “keep an open mind and give each other leadership opportunities” in their defeated speech to Trump.

But now, in her article in the Atlantic Monthly, a long column entitled "American Democracy is in Crisis" Zhong said that in the 21 months after Trump’s inauguration, Trump’s actions have been far lower than the already low standards he set for himself in the election.

Hilary cited the Trump administration’s cruel practice of illegal immigrant families arriving at the US-Mexico border, including the separation of children and babies from their parents. She quoted the New York Times as saying that although the court ordered the children to reunite with their families, 12,800 children were still detained.

The former secretary of state also denounced Trump’s “serious neglect” of Puerto Rico. She said that the Trump administration had barely responded after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island a year ago. She also criticized Trump for denying the fact that 3,000 Americans died in the storm.

Finally, she pointed out that Trump still denied that Russia’s intervention in the election was a “scam”. She wrote that Trump and his cronies did so much mean things that it was difficult to investigate and track. Now, American democracy is in crisis.

She also said that the American democracy and tradition are being under siege, and Americans need to make every effort to fight back.

Hilary then enumerates the five main aspects of Trump's "attack" of American democracy:

First, Trump's attack on the rule of law.

Hilary quoted a comment from the Trump White House assistant as saying that he hoped that Justice Secretary Jeff Sessions would disregard the legal support and protect him. She also mentioned that former FBI Director James Komi claimed that the president asked him to be loyal.

She also quoted a report in the New York Times that Trump’s lawyer wrote to Trump’s special adviser Robert Mueller, saying that Ramp's interference in the investigation does not constitute a hindrance to justice because he is the president.

Second, Hillary has doubts about the legitimacy of the presidential election.

She said that in addition to Russia’s continued intervention and Trump’s “unwillingness to stop”, the suppression of voters and the unfair division of the constituency made the United States further deviate from the sacredness of “one person, one vote”. in principle.

Third, Trump is "warning truth and reason."

According to the Washington Post, Hillary said that Trump’s enthusiasm for attacking journalists is higher than ever.

Hilary said that when Americans can't believe what they hear from leaders, experts, and journalists, we lose people's responsibility, solve problems, understand threats, judge progress, and The ability to communicate effectively – all of which are necessary for a functioning democracy.

Fourth, she mentioned Trump’s “amazing corruption”.

She pointed out that Trump and his cabinet have had a lot of power abuse and ethical violations after repeated commitments to “clean up corruption”.

Hilary said that Trump refused to publish his tax return, refused to put his assets in a confidential trust, and refused to divest his own property and business, thus creating an "unprecedented" Conflict of interest and “profit from the president’s business”.

Finally, Hillary claimed that Trump had destroyed the democratic system.

She said that it is difficult to ignore the racist subtext in Trump’s remarks. She also pointed out that sometimes even subtexts are not.

She said that Trump didn't even want to pretend that he was the president of all Americans.

She pointed out that Trump lacked compassion for the suffering of Puerto Ricans, and when the National Football League (NFL) players protested against racism, he slammed the latter. And he has not been able to condemn hate crimes against Muslims.

Hilary pointed out that the Trump administration has undermined civil rights since the first day, such as Muslims’ ban and prohibiting transgender Americans from joining the army.

Finally, she urged Americans to mobilize a large number of voters in the mid-2018 election to "save our democracy."

She concluded: "Democracy may be our birthright as an American, but we can never take it for granted. Every generation must fight for it and must work hard to bring us The country is pushing towards a more perfect federal state."