Trump shows again? But Japan does not buy it! Just because of the loss of China, the United States is looking for a "replacement"

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Trump shows again? But Japan does not buy it! Just because of the loss of China, the United States is looking for a "replacement"

2018-09-24 10:25:06 226 ℃

Abstract: The weasel gives the chicken a New Year? Trump congratulates Abe on his election, Japanese media: can't be taken lightly

[One Niu Finance]: On September 20th, in the election of the president of Japan (Party), Abe won nearly 70% of the votes. The absolute advantage is re-elected for the post. The US President then congratulated Abe on his Twitter, but it seemed that Trump’s show of the Japanese people did not “buy”.

The longest prime minister in Japan was born!

This election seems to be basically a suspenseful result in the Japanese interior, but before the results came out, the people More concerned is that if Abe is successfully elected, then Abe will become the longest-serving prime minister in Japanese history. Previously, the record "Keeper" was Sato Rongzuo who was in place for 2,797 days (November 9, 1964 - July 6, 1972).

In fact, since the last year, Abe’s government has been dissatisfied with some people. But this year, the Japanese economy has begun to move in a good direction. The benchmark land price has grown for the first time in 27 years, investment in equipment production, the profit of listed companies has hit a record high, and so on, which has driven the Japanese economy into the second long-term economic growth zone after the war.

Trump: See you next week in New York!

For Abe’s successful re-election, US President Trump’s Twitter has been updated.

Trump wrote on Twitter: "Congratulations to my good friend Prime Minister Shinzo Abe for winning. I am very happy to work with you for a few more years. We are very happy. We See you in New York next week."

According to the Asahi Shimbun, Trump plans September 26. Japan and Abe held US-Japan talks. At the same time, the article believes that due to the approaching mid-term election in November, Trump may have a "tough" attitude to force Japan to reduce the US-Japan deficit, so Japan can't take it lightly. The talks next week should not show a cheerful atmosphere.

There is no progress in the US calendar negotiations, this time?

Since Trump took office, he has repeatedly mentioned the deficit between the United States and Japan. In the talks held in Washington in August, Trump wanted Japan to open up markets such as soybeans, wheat, beef and pork, especially since the loss of the US market, Trump has been looking for big buyers. Prior to considering the interests of Japanese farmers and the uncertainty of the presidential election results, Abe has not slackened.

And this time, Trump will use the automobile import tax, the main element of Japan’s economic growth, as a “chip”. I wonder how Abe, who has successfully stabilized the prime minister’s position, will choose it.

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