Mahathir criticized Trump for his image!

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Mahathir criticized Trump for his image!

2018-09-28 10:25:15 156 ℃

The words you just said will change in a few hours.

According to the Russian Tas Society’s report on September 27, Malaysia The Star released on the 27th that Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed said in a meeting with experts in international politics in New York that US President Trump knows little about Asia and therefore made decisions in Asia. A far cry from reality.

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On the US Foreign Relations Committee At a meeting of members, Mahathir answered some questions, some of which were related to Trump, for example, he was once asked to evaluate American leaders.

The Malaysian Prime Minister, in answering this question, made a frank evaluation of the US President, saying that Trump needs to be consistent. He said, "I don't know how to evaluate Mr. Trump because he changed his opinion even within a few hours." He said that he wants to meet with North Korean leaders and then said that he will not meet. It was changed to meet, so it is difficult to figure out what he wants to do."

When asked if Trump’s decision about Asia is “wise” in the minds of Malaysians and whether it is good for Malaysia, Mahathir replied, “I don’t know. In my impression He doesn't know much about Asia, so his decision is not based on reality or the facts of the moment. He seems to be considering the United States and only consider how to make the United States great again. I think that you can make the United States in many other ways. Become great, but a trade war is not the best way."

In addition, the Malaysian Prime Minister was asked if he agreed with Trump’s China policy, and Mahathir disagreed. In response, whether the US leadership is weakened by its China policy, Mahathir pointed out that the US president is a very powerful person. "No matter what he does, it will affect the whole world, so this is a person. Personality problems, not a country. I don't think Americans always fully agree with their president. But this time, I think more Americans are dissatisfied with the president, and there are more people who have been dissatisfied with other presidents at any time."

When asked what advice he would give to Trump in terms of Asian policy, Mahathir said that the US president must be consistent, "Yes, consistent, if you If you want to hit us, you will say that you want to hit us. If you don't want to fight with us, if you want to be friends, then say it and be friends."