The last battle in Syria did not start! The country with the greatest ambition finally leaves the market

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The last battle in Syria did not start! The country with the greatest ambition finally leaves the market

2018-09-28 10:25:15 169 ℃

After more than two months of tension, the war in the Idlib region of northwestern Syria was finally "highly lifted and gently dropped": according to the peace treaty signed between Russia and Turkey, the opposition armed forces and The extremist group will retreat 20 kilometers and establish a "demilitarized zone" in the control area of ​​Idlib. In exchange, the Syrian government forces and the Russian armed forces in Syria will no longer attack Idlib.

The picture shows the city of Idlib after the air strikes, fires and extremists.

There is no doubt that after the "harmony" that the international community praised, the Syrian government forces have lost a valuable and can do their best to bring opposition armed forces and extremist organizations. The opportunity to completely expel Syria’s borders, the Syrian government forces that originally surrounded Idlib’s pockets, can only retreat if they have taken advantage of the quantity and quality.

But on the other hand, the "demilitarized zone" also blocked the marching path of the rebels in Idlib's pocket and limited their space for activities. And this means that in the future overall situation of Syria, the rebel or extremist forces supported by neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia and Jordan will lose their "development prospects", and the gold lords behind them will also withdraw from Syria. The cup "competition of the arena.

The picture shows the "skills" white helmet troops on the Syrian battlefield. The scene of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government forces no longer appears due to the signing of the contract.

In detail, Turkey’s obligation in this "Idlib peace treaty" is to constrain rebel and extremist organizations outside the "demilitarized zone." If the latter has obvious behaviors that cross the boundaries of the demilitarized zone, then the Syrian government forces and the Russians naturally have the right to intervene, and the Turks cannot be unaware of this. At the same time, the peace treaty also clearly stated that the so-called "Syrian Free Army" supported by Turkey also has no authority to enter and cross the demilitarized zone.

The picture shows the Syrian border wall established by Turkey, and Turkey is also jealous of these rebels.

Why does Turkey, at this juncture, abandon its policy of establishing a so-called buffer zone in the northern part of Syria through mergers and territories, and instead compromise to Damascus and Moscow? The answer is simple. Turkey, which is in a serious economic crisis, can no longer be involved in a war, but it must maintain the territory that has been incorporated into the pocket, so they have to give up – give up the opportunity to invade more Syrian territory and give up its The dog leg "Syrian Free Army" was able to capture the prospect of Damascus.

So, we can say this: In fact, since the signing of the peace treaty, Turkey will also leave the stadium from the "Syrian Cup", and its huge ambition that does not match its strength will eventually fail. end.

The picture shows Iranian 747-200 freighter transporting supplies and weapons to Syria.

In fact, the United States currently "betting" the Kurdish region is not willing to see Turkey continue to support the shackles and attack the Kurdish armed forces, so it is a bit "American-Russian tacit".

And similar to Turkey’s situation, there are also Iranians who have been hoping to build Syria-Iraq-Iranian corridors with Syrian operations. As the saying goes, the birds are well-knit, and under the pressure of Israel, Russia and the United States, Iran is also clearly the loser of the peace treaty.

The picture shows the Il-20 electronic reconnaissance aircraft.

Of course, Russia, which contributed to all of this, also paid a heavy price: an Il-20 electronic reconnaissance plane was shot down in a melee, and it was the crash of the reconnaissance plane that passed to the parties. A certain kind of signal finally formed the result of this "one step at a time."

Overall, for the Syrian people who yearn for peace, they are the real winners in this peace treaty. As for the ambitions who have been eager to move from a decade ago, this peace treaty has undoubtedly marked their failure. (Blade / TO)

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