Trump accuses China of damaging its political status.

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Trump accuses China of damaging its political status.

2018-09-28 20:25:09 174 ℃

CCTV News: Trump recently claimed at the UN General Assembly that the United States "discovered that China has been trying to intervene in the mid-term elections, damaging his political status." In this regard, some American media believe that Trump's accusation is not based on facts, and its true intentions are intriguing.


CNN Reporter: " This is not the first time that President Trump has accused China of interfering in the US election. He recently issued a special tariff on China’s trade wars, targeting American farmers, herders, blue-collar workers, and those who voted for him in 2016. However, the accusation against China is different from the accusation against Russia, saying that China’s intervention in the US election has so far lacked detail. Trump and his officials used very broad and vague terminology when accusing China of interfering in the US election.

The Washington Post analyzed that "the Republicans are in a difficult situation, and Trump is venting to China at this time. In the first place, he may be interested in finding a future election." The external 'scapegoat', "two, also in line with the White House's strategy since the US-Russia Helsinki Summit - pushed the responsibility for intervening elections to targets outside Russia.

For Trump’s remarks, American netizens naturally have a lot of sneer Satire. A netizen shouted: "Please give evidence! Another netizen said that Trump said this is an excuse for the failure of the Republican Party in the mid-term election. Another netizen commented on Trump's Twitter account: "Please stop lying." Your policy is the worst for farmers.