Trump: "I, I, I!"

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Trump: "I, I, I!"

2018-09-28 20:25:12 158 ℃

"I, I, I!"

This seems to be the favorite of President Trump in the weekdays. Emphasized content.

CNN released a report on September 27th entitled "Donald Trump's Me, I, I, my press conference." The article said that Trump held a press conference in New York on the 26th to talk about his favorite topic: himself.

The report said that when Trump answered any questions at the press conference, he finally became a monologue about "the greatness of his own."

When asked about Kim Jong-un’s question, Trump said that if he was not elected president, The United States and North Korea will now be in a state of war. Trump also said: "The relationship between us is very good. He (Jin Zhengen) likes me, I like him... I really believe that he wants to do it (nuclearization), he wants to reach an agreement, I also hope to reach an agreement. "

When asked about the meeting with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Thursday (27th), Trump said that Rosenstein was "very good" to him. . The New York Times has reported that Rosenstein discussed the various methods of impeaching Trump to step down in the name of lack of ability. Before the White House released Trump's meeting with Rosenstein, there was speculation that Rosenstein would lose his job. Some reports said he was willing to resign, and other reports said he would be fired.

When asked about the question he raised against the accused of Supreme Court Justice Kavano When it came to the news, Trump said he won 52% of the women's votes in 2016. However, the report said that Trump actually won 41% of the women's votes. Among them, 52% of the votes came from white women. 4% are black women and 25% are Spanish women.

When asked about the impact of tariffs on farmers, Trump said farmers like him.

When he called a reporter in the New York Times called Mark Landler, he said The journalist should thank himself for making the New York Times a success. "You are doing very well. You have to say, ‘Thank you, Mr. Trump.’” He said, and he was rejected by Landler.

CNN said that Trump turned his attention to himself again and again. The press conference was actually an 81-minute impromptu performance by Trump. There were two things in total: all the things he had done, and all the things he didn't get praised.