"I am self-sufficient!" Japan apologizes after the release of the kidnapped journalist in Syria

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"I am self-sufficient!" Japan apologizes after the release of the kidnapped journalist in Syria

2018-11-02 20:25:27 136 ℃

[Global Network reports intern reporter Cui Tianya] Japanese freelance journalist Yasuda Yasuda, who was tied for more than three years in Syria for reporting "Islamic State" (IS), publicly apologized to the media at a press conference on the 2nd, saying " Because of my own behavior, this is the result of everything I do."

The Japanese "Asahi Shimbun" disclosed the contents of the press conference held on the same day in the second report. Japanese journalist Yasuda Yasuda, who was kidnapped in Syria, answered some questions about the incident.

Yantian Chunping attended the press conference

when asked "After returning to China, someone once criticized anonymously" is completely his own Yasuda bowed his head and apologized, saying, "Because of my own actions, I have troubled the Japanese government and many people. It is reasonable to be criticized by this. The Japanese government has also warned. It’s hard to save me when I’m trapped, but I finally chose to go to a troubled area. It’s all caused by my personal behavior, and I’m self-sufficient.”

At the press conference, Yasuda said that he apologized

has been different in Japan for the kidnapping of Yasuda. the opinion of.

For example, in the October 25th "Daily News" report, it was mentioned that the "self-responsibility theory" was rekindled on the Internet. Some people think that Yasuda’s abduction is entirely his responsibility, and This statement has received a lot of support. However, the report said that many people also voiced Yasuda, saying that what he did was "not simply pushed to the local media. Some things can only be done by Yasuda." Banqiao Kung, director of the Japan Public Policy Research Institute, said that "the government has the obligation to protect the people of the country," and said that "although it was kidnapped because of the kidnapping on the spot, it could be kidnapped. The government should solve the problem. The importance of interviewing in troubled areas cannot be denied.”

Yantian Pingping was released in May 2016. Photographs at the time of kidnapping

In addition, at the press conference, Yasuda was asked “when such a thing happened, whether he would consider going to an interview in a troubled area in the future”, he said “to interview in the troubled area. It is absolutely necessary," but "there is no plan to interview again." In addition, Yasuda also said, "The parents at home are very old. They have also considered their problems when they were kidnapped. In the future, they may start from the perspective of filial piety and think twice about interview methods."

Yuta Junping speaks at a press conference