Comprehensive sanctions against Iraq, the United States officially announced! Exempting 8 countries, Trump wants "subtle balance"

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Comprehensive sanctions against Iraq, the United States officially announced! Exempting 8 countries, Trump wants "subtle balance"

2018-11-03 20:25:15 134 ℃

Abstract: Just now, the United States announced comprehensive sanctions against Iraq! Exempting eight countries, Trump wants to "subtle balance"

The United States announced a full resumption of sanctions against Iran

[一牛财经] News: The US government announced on the 2nd that it will fully resume sanctions against Iran on the 5th of this month, targeting Iranian energy and banking.

The U.S. Treasury Department said that more than 700 Iranian individuals and entities will be sanctioned from the 5th, including hundreds of people who have been lifted sanctions due to the Iranian nuclear deal and more than 300 new Increase the object of sanctions.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that there have been reports earlier that due to EU pressure, the United States is considering allowing Iran to continue to use the Global Interbank Financial Communications Association (SWIFT) platform. However, according to the US government's statement on Friday, SWIFT must stop providing services to Iranian financial institutions, otherwise it will face US sanctions.

In May of this year, US President Trump announced that he would withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement and, from August, re-implement sanctions on Iran’s non-energy fields such as finance, metals and minerals, while the second round targeted oil. The sanctions will be officially implemented on the 5th.

The United States will exempt eight countries

However, US Secretary of State Pompeo said that The sanctions will be exempted by the United States from eight countries. These countries can continue to import Iranian oil after sanctions.

Pompeo did not specify which eight countries were exempted, but he said that these countries are countries that have promised or have substantially reduced Iran’s oil imports. According to Agence France-Presse, outsiders speculated that the three major US allies - India, Japan and South Korea - must be included, "it is likely to have China."

Pompeo said that the specific list will be released on Monday. He said: "Our ultimate goal is to make Iran abandon the illegal act and behave like a normal country."

In addition, the Turkish government said that the country is one of the eight countries that have obtained US exemption. This possibility is also high, because according to AFP report on the 2nd, the Turkish side said that the country and the United States lifted sanctions against their respective ministers.

The delicate balance that Trump wants

The last time the Obama administration imposed sanctions on Iran A total of 22 countries are exempted, but they need to comply with certain conditions: they are subject to review every 180 days to ensure that the amount of imported Iranian oil has fallen by 20%. In addition, these countries must also ensure that trade with Iran is reduced.

On the one hand, the United States has to impose sanctions, and on the other hand, it has to be exempted. The analysis says that this is because the Trump administration wants to achieve a delicate balance: On the occasion of the US mid-term elections The United States hopes to ensure that the oil market has sufficient supply to avoid a sharp rise in oil prices affecting the election results. On the other hand, the United States must also ensure that Iran cannot obtain sufficient income from the exempted countries, otherwise the US sanctions will not achieve the desired results.

For the Trump administration’s side sanctions and exemptions, Iran’s PressTV reported that Iran’s Deputy Oil Minister Ali Kardor said the exemption indicates that the market needs Iran’s oil, and it cannot be Withdraw from the market. "I don't know if these exemptions are permanent or temporary."

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