Allies made a terrible casualty when they opened fire on the US military. The situation deteriorated extremely. The United States fell into a quagmire.

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Allies made a terrible casualty when they opened fire on the US military. The situation deteriorated extremely. The United States fell into a quagmire.

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Author: Yi Pin-wen team Liu Bei Wu, no authorization is prohibited reprint

According to the French news agency AFP reported On November 3, local time, the "NATO" side admitted that the US military troops were killed and injured in an attack in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A "NATO" spokesperson said: "The attack was obviously an internal attack. The firefighters came from the Afghan National Army (current Afghan government forces). The Afghan National Army, who is currently attacking the US military, has been spotted by other Afghan National Army soldiers. Kill! The French news agency AFP is the oldest of the four major news agencies in the West, and its message reliability is very high.

(AFP news is highly reliable, the other three are the American Associated Press, the United States, and the British Reuters)

The two were allegedly shot in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. A US soldier has been rushed to Bagram Airport in Parwan province. Two injured US soldiers are being treated at a national secondary hospital in Afghanistan. At present, NATO and the US military have not disclosed the injuries of the two injured people. Situation.

After the casualties of the US troops in Kabul, the Afghan capital, the Taliban militants immediately claimed that a soldier of the Afghan National Army had shot and killed four people in the US military. Some analysts pointed out that the Taliban armed forces The penetration of the Afghan National Army has reached a very dangerous level. On the 18th of last month, the US troops stationed in Afghanistan and the Commander of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Scott Miller (the four-star US general) met in the Khanda Governor’s residence. The attack was almost beheaded!

< p>Afghan Kandahar Provincial Guard Captain suddenly picked up an assault rifle and fired a shot. Three provincial top officials, including Kandahar Governor, died on the spot. Two US military officers who served as guards took a few shots for Commander Scott Miller to avoid the highest. The commander was killed. The videographer of an Algerian radio and television station (North African country) invited by the Afghan Journalist Center was killed in the attack. Perhaps the Afghan and US military commanders wanted to promote the local security situation through the media, but Kandahar Province How can the Taliban armed nests completely occupy the US military?

(< Strong>Normally a good shoulder-to-back relationship? May be infiltrated by the Taliban The big Guardian’s captain, the US military, was not prepared for the time of the US military commander Miller’s four-star general. The US military’s four-star general had just been promoted in September.)

Before, the US military and NATO The number of incidents in which the US military in Afghanistan has been attacked since 2018 has reached six. If the commander Scott Miller was fired and the attack on the US military has already suffered eight major threats, NATO members. The Czech army has already suffered three very fierce attacks in Afghanistan, and its number of killed soldiers has exceeded 10. For the Czech Republic, a small Central European country that sent 170 soldiers to Afghanistan, the casualty rate (the rate of damage) is not low.

(Too bad)

(The US military's lightning protection ambush armor is still thick and blown up)

The most determined ally of the United States - The latest batch of British soldiers dispatched to Afghanistan is only 300 people. They rejected the request of the US military and NATO to directly participate in local operations! For the United Kingdom, in order to increase the military cost of the Afghan battlefield, many of the funds of the Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier that they are proud of have been used for the trial and service schedules have been greatly delayed.

The Special Inspector General of Afghan Reconstruction, recently established in the United States, stated in the Congress that the Afghan National Army (the current government forces can control 55.5% of the existing territory, and the suicide bombings in the past six months prove Afghanistan) The National Army’s war of peace and security and the siege warfare are very reluctant. Although the Afghan National Army has 312,300 soldiers, this figure is the lowest point in the past six years!

(US troops stationed in Afghanistan without aviation fire support are often suppressed < /strong>)

(The more bloody picture is not on)


(The suffering of the US military, Isn't it a retribution? Afghan children's childhood can not be sweetened by giving sugar, I want to say "It serves the USA army right! The US military should be )

The battle of the Afghan National Army last year There are about 9000 people in damage, and the damage is from August to September this year. One thousand people have proved that the situation in the country can only be described as deteriorating. Although US President Trump announced last year that he would send thousands of troops to Afghanistan, the Western media did not report the news of his real increase. In the author's view Even if the US military increases its troops, it will only increase the expenses of the US military pension. Is it so easy for the US military to get rid of this quagmire that has lasted for 17 years? If you have any comments, please leave a comment below! Follow us on WeChat Public number: The history of war, many experts will continue to interpret for you in the public number. Independent professional, there is a kind of material, please use WeChat to search the public number: war history, watch the full insider interpretation of the political and military history of all war history.