After the US mid-term election, Trump bid farewell to the richest man in politics

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After the US mid-term election, Trump bid farewell to the richest man in politics

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President Trump is worth $3.1 billion. Image source: Visual China.

J.B. J.B. Pritzker is the heir to the Hyatt Regency, and he is the governor of Illinois for $171.5 million. The amount of investment has reached a record. Just over an hour after the polling station was closed, Pritzker found that the money was worth it. According to several news organizations, as of 09:25 in the evening of East Coast, Pritzker is estimated to beat the current governor, Republican Bruce Rauner, with a big advantage.

Pritzker is estimated to be worth $3.2 billion, and President Trump is worth $3.1 billion. Therefore, when Pritzker took office, he replaced Trump and became the richest man in the United States.

In April 2017, Pritzker announced his candidacy: "I know that my life is very lucky, I have a happy family, I have the conditions to get quality education, and pursue my dreams." p>

Illinois Pritzker's wealth comes from the Hyatt Hotel - the hotel was founded in 1957 by his uncle Jay, managed by his father, Donald. Pritzker is not a father. In 1993, he graduated from Northwestern University Law School. Three years later, he and his brother Anthony set up their own private equity fund Pritzker Group. The company holds shares in industrial companies, manages them, and holds shares in the SpaceX Rocket Company of Elon Musk. Pritzker has left the company.

The capital investment in this election has broken records, and the funds raised by federal candidates are estimated to be $5.2 billion.

Pritzker is even more conspicuous – he broke the record for his self-sufficient pocket. Forbes estimates. He invested $171.5 million in his elections, setting a record in American history, and the actual cost of the election was $135.9 million. Launer was an early partner in a private equity firm in Chicago, investing $57.8 million in re-election in 2015 and 2016. The total cost of the two in this election cycle is close to $230 million.

In 2014, Meg Whitman spent $144 million on the governor of California. Although he eventually lost, he made a record of self-sufficiency. Florida Governor Rick Scott is running for the US Senate, but the results are too close and undecided. In 2010, Scott spent about $60 million on campaigning for the governor.

Ian Vandewalker, senior adviser to the Brennan Center for Justice at New York University School of Law, said: "The election has already set off a gold-armed arms race. Therefore, if you are not a rich man, there are not many rich people. Friends, it is increasingly difficult for a person to participate in the election. As a result, the choice of voters will be limited. There is evidence in political funds that the views of the rich on various public policy issues are different from others. If only the rich Being able to serve as a senior official will affect the way the government takes to address policy issues that affect everyone's interests.”

Pritzker took out his own money and the governor, not only himself, Governor Launer He invested heavily and was funded by Chicago billionaire Ken Griffin. The hedge fund's billionaire spent $22.5 million in 2017 to help Launer re-elect.

The National Institute on Money In Politics shows that in this round of elections, his funding is the largest in all state-level campaign funding (not including the candidate’s own funds). . In 2014 he funded Launer's $13.6 million and maintained the same record.

According to the Federal Election Commission, in addition to investing in his own election, Pritzker also donated $661,000 to the Federal Democratic Party and the Super Political Action Committee in 2018. Before seeking the governor of his home state, Pritzker also invested heavily in the work of the Democratic Party. In 2016, he spent $14 million to support Democrats, including former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton.

In May 2016, Pritzker said in an interview with CNN Money: "I believe that (Hillary Clinton) knows how to create jobs in the US than any candidate - and that campaign The real estate developer understands this issue.

However, Pritzker’s brother Anthony was sitting next to him and the two had a debate. In 2016, Anthony’s political donation was about $1 million, and most donated The Republican Party and the Liberal Party. In 2018, he donated another $220,000, mainly to Republicans. The two-person sister Penny Pritzker is also a billionaire and served as Obama in 2013-2017. Government Secretary of Commerce.

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