The anti-terrorism situation in the Philippines has deteriorated, and a large number of terrorists have poured in. China’s 20,000 guns play a big role.

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The anti-terrorism situation in the Philippines has deteriorated, and a large number of terrorists have poured in. China’s 20,000 guns play a big role.

2018-11-09 00:25:01 72 ℃

Author: Rainbow photo Kursk

According to foreign media reports, the recent anti-terrorism situation in the Philippines took place repeatedly, a large number of foreign extremist militants arrived in the Philippines through various channels And flocked to Mindanao. Since the five-month campaign against terrorism in Malawi last year, more than 100 militants have sneaked into the Philippines, putting tremendous pressure on the anti-terrorist situation in the Philippines!

In May last year, the ISIS-organized Philippine branch controlled the city of Malawi in Mindanao, and the Philippine security forces The terrorists in the city of Victoria launched a settlement war. Unexpectedly, it took more than five months for this fight to eliminate these extreme armed forces. More than 1,200 people were killed in the entire campaign, including more than 900 militant militants.

In less than a month after the start of the campaign, in June of that year, China presented 23,000 rifles to the Philippine security forces, including the most sophisticated 7.62 mm high-precision sniper rifle. The entire donation was worth $50 million to help the Philippine military and police department update the light weapons. These Chinese CQ foreign trade rifles played an important role in the campaign to liberate Malawi!

Philippine President Durt has specially operated a Chinese sniper rifle in an exhibition, which is the gun The extremist leader, Ismail N. Hapilon, killed him and made it a symbol of China’s aid to the Philippines against terrorism.

Durthe continued to fight domestic drug crimes and extremists after the Battle of Malawi. But this has caused dissatisfaction in the United States, and extremist militants from Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Morocco, Spain, France, Tunisia, Iraq, Somalia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan, and Bangladesh have sneaked into the Philippines. The country’s counter-terrorism situation has turned sharply.

At present, Mindanao has become the best place to attract terrorists. These extreme armed forces from abroad not only bring The money has come, and it has brought experience in combat in other countries.

For the Philippine military and police forces fighting against terrorism, new challenges are faced. However, fortunately, China has helped the Philippine military and police to carry out a major exchange of light weapons, which greatly enhanced their combat effectiveness. We must know that when the Philippines took care of the hostages in the Philippines, the police did not even have a pistol!

I hope that the Philippines can survive this difficult time. After all, combating terrorism is the common expectation of peace-loving people around the world. I hope that China’s aid in guns and ammunition will help them defeat the enemy!